So many talented artists are making motorcycles with very creative materials.

James Rice, an artist from Tacoma, WA is surely getting a lot of media attention thanks to his one-of-a-kind spoon motorcycle sculptures.

Some artists/chefs have made motorcycles out of lobster shells.

Artist Dan Tanenbaum made this motorcycle out of disposable lighters.

Dan Tanenbaum, from Watch Parts Motorcycles, also makes these incredible miniature motorcycles exclusively out of vintage watch parts.

The Mad Cow Motorcycle was made by Billie Grace Lynn, this has the frame of the motorcycle is covered in cow bones, and an electric drivetrain! The ribs of the cow enclose the electric motor that propels this bike.

Corona Chopper by Redneck Traysures

Made entirely of computer and VCR parts created by Alex Andromeda.

A Motorcycle Made Of Radio Parts