My name is Trisha Thompson Adams and I’ve been painting since I could pick up a paintbrush. My Floral Anatomy series first bloomed in 2012 when my husband was in school and had stacks of anatomy books with images that captivated me. I wanted to elaborate on that idea and combine earthly elements with the human body. I’m inspired by things that are full of life and full of death, and a large portion of my works focus on the harmony between humans/animals intertwined with earthly and celestial elements.

When I started painting the series I was intrigued by something Neil deGrasse Tyson said, “I would request that my body in death be buried not cremated, so that the energy content contained within it gets returned to the earth, so that flora and fauna can dine upon it, just as I have dined upon flora and fauna during my lifetime”.

I’m intrigued by the cyclical nature of these pieces. While the bones lend themselves to thoughts of death and decay, the florals symbolize new life. I look at these more with a sense of positivity and hope for the human experience. If anything I think it shows how indistinguishable we are on the inside and that are bodies are connected to nature making us apart of a collective experience.

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