I have always been keen finding shapes on different surfaces. Those shapes are not there, therefore I find them with imagination. This is called Pareidolia.

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Pareidolia begun as a game long ago when I was a young child. It has been a very important part of my life and it has even became a life style. Nowadays is one of the most important projects I have got.

While studying taxidermia, I realized that I had access to incredible skulls, bones and animal organs with which I worked. In my free time, I began to photograph them from different angles, looking for shapes or concepts different from what the object really was. In these images, the title is the most important choice, since it allows double reading of the image.

Taking these pictures is creating a whole new world. It enriches my daily life and my work by fulling of different meanings my activities as a taxidermist.

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#9 Vertebras



Matt Halls 1 year ago

Love the contrast!

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#10 Levitation



Himanshi Shah 1 year ago

Love these shots!