The talented young artist, who is not yet an adult, has already had multiple successful exhibitions of his work. One of which was before he turned 16, his works are also featured in the horror game Downfall that came out in 2016. This year he created his own board game, but we will talk about it separately. Anton-Constantin is not a pseudonym. His mother liked the first name and his father the second, so he was called Anton-Constantin Anastassov. This painter is a unique individual because he has the intelligence of an adult but has kept his childhood innocence. In his works, he successfully portrays the world; he sometimes does it in an obvious way. He starts to draw seriously 4 years ago but he says that he has always been drawing. His first inspiration was the moon. It inspires him for the first time to draw, according to his distant memories, and after that, he has not stopped creating drawings and paintings. He has completely devoted himself to creating artwork, by deciding to educate himself online so that he has enough time for his passion. The reason is clear; the normal type of education would not give him the possibility to develop his favorite activity.

Fittingly, he calls his style “gothic surrealism” and one of the followers of his artwork, Lucien Cooper, who shows a part of his work in an art show at LA, says, “he carries a novel and disturbing imagery, unseen horror and unusual style”. The young artist does not limit the materials he uses to create. He uses fine liners, acrylic paint, watercolor paint, oil paint, ballpoint pens, pencils, and markers. Most of the time his work is a combination of all of these materials. Some of the artists who inspire him are Salvador Dali and Euronymous Bosc, but his work is very different and he has created a noticeable and particular style. He is also very inspired by the music he listens to – darkwave and dark ambient are the genres he likes. He often draws covers for the albums of his favorite bands. Some bands contact him themselves. Anton-Constantin also does photography, which is also in the “gothic surrealism” style. His first series of photos is called “Snow Doom” and they are artworks made with snow.

Most of Anton-Constantin’s work is beautiful and dark, filled with strong emotions that vibrate within them. This is not a coincidence, because by quickly going into the world of adults, he is filled with a sense of disillusionment. That is why the young artist wants to show the madness of society and the chaos of the universe itself. Drawing how the soul is torn by infinite contradictions. Of course, he does not want to portray the same things over and over, but he feels that he needs to recreate negative emotions in some of his work because he cannot stand the unfairness of the world and the way grown-ups abuse and destroy nature and each other.

Anton-Constantin thinks that when people grow up, they lose their dreams and illusions, losing the child inside of them, by ceasing to be astonished, thinking that they know everything. However, that is not true.

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