Portuguese artist David Oliveira uses wire to “draw” in the air, creating amazing animal sculptures that can only be seen when you look from the correct angle. The 35-year-old artist’s work, especially when photographed, looks just like a scribbled pencil drawing. Oliveira’s background helps to explain his evolution as a sculptor.

“First I got a degree in Sculpture with a speciality in ceramics,” Oliveira says in an interview on LinkedIn. “After the course ended I started to explore wire, and this lead me to begin a masters degree in artistic anatomy with a special focus in drawing. I kept developing my technique, always experimenting with new ways to clarify my message. Meanwhile my message became broader, but with life as a common theme. I want to represent life in it´s ephemeral expression.”

More info: davidoliveiraescul.wix.com | Facebook (h/t: demilked, mymodernmet)

Side view of the bird sculpture (below)