This is a selection of panoramic images from my railroad landscapes project. In song, literature and visual art the American railroad has been an ever present indicator of escape and adventure. In photographing these places, I hope to reveal the beauty and unique stories behind the urban, rural, natural and industrial corridors that surround the railroad.

This on-going project began five years ago. I use large format film cameras in creating this work. With these cameras, I feel a connection with 19th century photographers such as Carleton Watkins and William H. Rau who, in contrast, photographed the American railroad in its golden age.

Many of these rails see heavy freight use, despite the absence of the romantic image of the passenger train from yesteryear. The environment changes around rail lines that haven’t moved since their were constructed over 150 years ago.

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Mainline North Of Woodlawn, New York

Steelways Shipyard, Newburgh, New York

Pulaski Skyway, New Jersey

Vines, Hudson Valley, New York

Helme Snuff Mill, Helmetta, New Jersey

Thomaston Dam, Connecticut

Behind Broad Street, Waverly, New York

Badlands, North Dakota

Confederate Cemetary, Salisbury, North Carolina

Iron Ore, Ashtabula, Ohio

Roundhouse Complex, Martinsburg, West Virginia

Tree, South Dakota

Abandoned Right of Way, Kearny, New Jersey

Near Summit, Glacier, Montana

Clear Brook, Virginia

Transfer Tracks, Livingston, Montana

Clearing Storm, Western Ohio

Commuter Parking Lot, Queens, New York

View Of Manhattan From Kearny, New Jersey

Crazy Peak, Montana

Depot, White Lake, South Dakota

Camp Disappointment, Montana

Manhattan, As Seen From Blissville, New York

Leaning Shack, Walcott, Wyoming

Boysen Reservoir, Wyoming