If you’ve never wanted to rig up your Amazon Echo to a talking skull then don’t worry, you’re not alone. But as you can see from this creepy video, one guy decided to do just that, and the result is as terrifying as you’d expect.

It’s called The Yorick project, but unlike the Yorick of Shakespeare’s Hamlet, who was once a court jester, there’s absolutely nothing funny about this creepy creation. It was made by “aspiring roboticist” Mike McGurrin, who rigged up the skull (a Christmas present from his wife. No, really) to respond to Alexa, the voice of the Echo’s digital assistant. But no matter how pleasant that voice might be, it sounds all sorts of spooky when emerging from the skeletal jaws of McGurrin’s Yorick. Not creeped out yet? Then try making one yourself. You can find the full instructions here. Just don’t blame us if you have to sleep with the lights on.

More info: Mike McGurrin (h/t)

Never want to sleep again? Then check out this talking skull that somebody recently attached to their Alexa

It’s called The Yorick Project, named after the skull from Shakespeare’s Hamlet

But unlike Yorick, who was once a jester, there’s nothing funny about this!

“Aspiring roboticist” Mike McGurrin made the creepy creation using a skull, an Alexa, and a Raspberry Pi

He even put his detailed instructions online so you can make your own! (if you’re brave enough)

“I’m pretty happy with the result,” wrote Mike. We, however, are pretty freaked out