When I moved to Cyprus, I met Kayte, who runs a small rescue center for dogs. She lives in a hut at the bottom of the center, with electricity and food being donated to her by the locals.

Kayte takes care of up to 70 dogs at a time and helps them get adopted to other countries due to the lack of animal cruelty laws over there. She uses only her own pension and small donations.

I wanted to help her and, being a photographer, I decided to put together a collection of images. Each of them has its own story and we are very lucky to say that a book will be published soon with all profit going to Bay Tree Rescue.

This was only supposed to be a very small project but it has turned out to be bigger than we could imagine. The photos took nearly 9 months for me to finish. I now need help to get the attention of the right people so we can stop these animals from getting hurt and killed for no reason and with no consequence.

The way you can help is by sharing and liking. Thank you for reading and all comments are welcome.

More info: youcaring.com




Costa – our blind pup

Fergus – our “Tri-paw”


Milly – our little mermaid with tied back legs