Our little family love traveling and wherever we go I always take my camera with me and look for opportunities to take some nice portraits of our dog Alfie.

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He loves traveling and exploring, posing for portraits not so much, but he knows that this is my thing and we are good friends so he does that for me.

Here are few of our favourite pictures from this year.

Check out our photos from last year in my previous post.

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#4 Lucerne, Switzerland

Lucerne, Switzerland


Melinda 10 months ago

Iz lik the butter

#5 Lake Como, Italy

Lake Como, Italy


Melinda 10 months ago

Smiling because he knows plates of pasta and gooey cheese are near ... :)

#7 Beachy Head, England

Beachy Head, England


Michelle De Los Ríos 9 months ago

This phto is mesmerizing me.

#9 Colmar, France

Colmar, France


Lindsay Ameye 10 months ago

Colmar blissed him out!