Artist from Buryatia Tatyana Kleshnina is really stubborn. She is engaged in cultivation of magnificent and incomparable — as such phenomenon does not exist — crystals inside ceramic glaze.

Unique and amazing crystal brooches and pendants by Tatiana will not leave anyone indifferent. They look very deep when you see them live, with a 3D effect. Works for those who love truly exclusive things — all these jewelries exist in a single copy, without the possibility of making a replica.

Tatiana creates not only jewelry in such an unusual technique — there are lamps in the list of her creations. Crystals then look even more unusual there as delicate porcelain is illuminated from the inside.

"Persistence, stubbornness and tenacity are not something I lack", tells Tatiana about herself. And that's true because every successful cabochon may pass from one to seven firings. A usual result of the first firing is 90-95% of waste, at best. The high complexity of manufacture makes the resulting work incredibly valuable.

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