What could you see, looking at nature? A shot by iPhone? Palette of emotions? Maybe Yourself? Every answer – is correct. The ability to animate imagination, affectionately referring with subconscious, which the artist has mastered. Each of his artworks is unique, because of designed for a specific psychological type, mood, emotional state of a person.

For him, it is not necessary to carry a brush and paint. His main tool – is memory. The smallest details, halftones and subtle curves, collected from all over the world come to life in his paintings. 90% of what we think depends on what we see. Even the happiest woman doesn’t know what she wants until she sees it. To find yourself, your emotional DNA, you need to look around…

As Leonardo Da Vinci masterpieces enwombing different secrets, Alan Mirkovich artworks open the other side of a Nature, disguised one… Seems, he saying: “Nature is not so as we see it… It is something more”. He does not paint but feels. As a poet creates world by rhymes, Alan Mirkovich creates his by images. Smooth, sometimes sharp, but graceful lines of his paintings are fraught with memories, emotions, a piece of Alan’s soul… These images are able to penetrate the most distant corners of your heart and help to hear the seemingly long-forgotten melody of the soul by emotional DNA inside them.

…And eventually you gaze at the painting. No matter what, no matter when — any picture has a chance to blow your mind. Moreover — if from millions of pictures you stare at this one, then, in a sense, you’ve already said yes to it. Because nothing in life happens by chance. So… Just look at them. What do you see? What do you feel inside? Open you heart for a new mindflow and take a deep breath.. Feel the other side of Nature.

More info: alanmirkovich.co.uk