these photos of an angry women march (tal3at) were shoot at Ramallah city on the 26- sep

“following the brutal femicide of 21-year-old Israa Gharib who was murdered by members of her family in late August.

Tal3at a Palestinian women and communities across Historic Palestine and the diaspora were mobilized to reject gender-based violence and oppression.

Tal3at (طالعات in Arabic), translated as “Going out into the streets”, seeks to break with the NGO-ization of the fight of Palestinian women and to re-center the struggle against patriarchy and patriarchal violence as an integral part of the political, economic and social struggle for the liberation of Palestine.

The killing of Israa shook Palestinian society not because it was the first, but because of its brutality and how it exposed the multi-layered nature of institutional complicity. It showed how violence against women and their killing is not an individual matter but a broader social one in which institutions are deeply complicit. In fact, Israa is one of 28 Palestinian women who were killed in 2019. In 2018, 35 Palestinian women were murdered. These, of course, are the official statistics and we know that the real numbers would be even higher. So in a sense, we see that this is a widespread issue and it is an epidemic that is spreading throughout our society.”