I initially created this comic for my nephews and nieces after I grew tired of auditioning for terrorists and bad guys. With a noticeable lack of positive Muslim characters and role models within the media and the negative ways they were often depicted; I decided to create a counter-narrative in the form of a superhero who just so happens to be Muslim.

I’m a firm believer in labeling theory and associating terms such as ‘terror’ or ‘terrorist’ with those acts of violence with only people of certain faith in the media can be detrimental towards society, creates isolation and only further perpetuates the problem. I want to provide young Muslims with an opportunity to identify with the hero, rather than the villain and give non-Muslim children someone to empathize with.

I was highly commended in Faber Children’s Books FAB Prize as a Writer (2017) and as an Illustrator (2019).

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