I am a surfer girl. I travel, surf and film locals cooking as authentic as it gets. I have filmed gypsies in a desert in India cooking on camel droppings, village people in Sri Lanka making amazing curries on coconut shells, muslim family cooking rice in banana leaves in a village in Indonesia. I simply witnessed food preparations the most authentic way and filmed and collected not only loads of recipes but interesting information about ingredients from their homeland too.

It was amazing to see in which conditions it is possible to make incredibly mouthwatering delicacies. With no stove, no electricity, no special tools for each step of food preparation like we are used to in the “West”, where we have a special knife for bread, different one for meat, different one for cheese, different one for vegetables. Blender for this, a slicer for that, egg cooker, water kettle, coffee maker… And tens or even hundreds of other tools.

The countries I have traveled, filmed in and surfed recently are India, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Malay part of Borneo and Morocco.

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In the kitchen in Golden temple, Amritsar, India

My unsuccessful attempt to make a traditional ceramic mortar, Indonesia

Rinsing lentils, Sri Lanka

Soft rice pancakes making, Vietnam

Black pepper processing, India

My little help with a rice harvest, Sri Lanka

Bee keeping, High Atlas, Morocco

Traditional market, Sri Lanka

Baked coconut, Borneo, Malaysia

I am enjoying tea time with Indian gentlemen, India

Rice paper family factory, Vietnam

Traditional Sri Lankan kitchen in a house made of mud, Sri Lanka

Amazing Kerala delicacies, India

Traditional way of making salt, Indonesia

My visit of an oyster mushroom farm, Thailand

Traditional market suk, Morocco

Tea pickers, Sri Lanka

Spice wholesale market, India

Burning ceramic mortars, Indonesia

Dried octopus, Indonesia

Authentic jackfruit curry, Sri Lanka

Ice delivery, Vietnam

I am getting a lesson how to prepare a roasted chicken Lombok style, Indonesia

Beautiful tea plantations, India

I am enjoying fishing traditional way, Sri Lanka

Tea time with grannies, Sri Lanka

Family production of ceramics, Indonesia

Aluwa, special sweets for almsgiving ceremony, Sri Lanka

Enjoying amazing tagine with “my” family, Morocco

I am having fun in the waves, Sri Lanka

Fancy dress surfing, India

Gypsies making Chapati in a dessert, India