When my first daughter was born in 2004, I set out to capture everything about her: her first day home from the hospital, the first time she sat up, her first bite of solid foods, etc. I didn’t care much about the quality of my photos, just the authenticity: capturing the moment as it happened.

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My second daughter was soon to follow the first, entering the world seventeen months later. With two little ones underfoot, it was a little more difficult to keep up with all those “firsts”. And shortly thereafter, my 3.5 megapixel Kodak broke! A few months went by of missing all those “firsts”, and then I became pregnant with baby #3.

Eventually, we were able to replace my little Kodak with a Nikon Coolpix. It was then that I fell in love with photography! Not only did I desire to capture the moments as they happened, but I wanted to capture them artistically too.

Hungrily devouring all the information I could about photos and photo editing, I taught myself photography. Now several years and a few kids later (yes, I have 5 daughters!), I set out to create artistic, timeless images that capture the joy, innocence and magic of childhood (along with all those “firsts” that come my way!).

More info: sonyaadcockphotography.com