On February Nikon contacted me with a new challenge: “Could you re-tell a classic fairytale in no more than four images?”. Months of research and work followed and #PicWorth1000Words was finally brought to life. It was not an easy task to think about something different, easy to be recognised by everyone and shareable. I’ve reimagined of the 1812 Brothers Grimm version of Snow White, taking inspiration from one of my favourite (and the first) animated movie by Walt Disney. Everyday life and news from internet gave me a big inspiration in developing ideas and that’s why here a thousand years old story is juxtaposed with hints from nowadays life.
With this project I’m sure people will rediscover their favourite fairy tale, no matter where they come from or how old they are: if you can think about something, you can make it come true. Imagination is everything, never tell yourself that you can’t do it and don’t be afraid of mistakes. Mistakes are the only way to achieve perfection in your next photographs. For more behind the scenes follow me on Facebook or Instagram.

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“Who is the fairest of them all?”

The kingdom is under the rule of a wicked queen. She is obsessed with her beauty and consults her computer every day, surfing the internet to confirm that she is still the most beautiful woman in the land.

Cleaning the cottage

Banished from the kingdom when she was a young girl, Snow White has grown into a beautiful and humble young woman. She lives with the seven dwarfs in a cottage on the outskirts of the kingdom, cleaning and cooking for the little men.

A Poisoned doughnut

When the evil queen is told that Snow White is fairer than she is, she disguises herself as an old woman and tries to kill Snow White with a poisoned doughnut.

Most talked about couple of the Kingdom

After Prince Charming kisses her, they immediately ask the dwarfs to take a picture to frame this magic moment and quickly update their status on social media. Prince Charming marries Snow White and takes her to his palace to live happily ever after, with millions of new followers.

BTS from the Evil Queen’s set

After meeting the Evil Queen, I can tell you she is a pretty charming lady… but with a terrible, terrible, sense of humour.

BTS from the Seven Dwarfs’s cottage house.

SnowWhite is calling the seven dwarfs making sure they’ll be back for dinner.

BTS from the Poisoned Doughnut set.

SnowWhite likes doughnuts more than apples. We have proved it!

BTS from #mosttalkedaboutcoupleofthekingdom

Explaining positions+expressions to models and to our magnificent horse (in the background).