Hello, dear reader. If you read my first article you already know about me and my passion for doors. If not, I will remember you. My name is Midrigan Adriana, I am 20 years old, born in Republic of Moldova, but now living and studying at The University of Alexandru Ioan Cuza in Iasi, Romania.

‘Follow The Door’ is a project that reflect my admiration for old, magic and unusual doors. I take picture of them wherever I travel and then sharing with my followers.

This summer was about scholarship in Greece. Kos Town is the main city of The Kos Island, located in the southeastern part of Aegean Sea, near the Turkey. It’s known as “the city of Hippocrates” (the father of medicine). The main attraction I recommend you to visit are: Tree of Hippocrates, Archaeological Museum of Kos, Neratzia Castle, Asclepeion, Eleftherias Square and Embrose Therme. If you choose Kos Town for your vacation do not miss the chance to take your time at Mix & Match Restaurant or Goody’s Burger House.

Of course, this summer experience enriched my collection of doors photos, my knowledge about new culture and for sure I got a life lesson.

The city architecture is not so diversified, the buildings are small and squares, there are small streets and many ruins preserved as a historical heritage, but anyway it shows you the other part of a European style.

Because this article should be about doors :D below you can admire a part of my collection of photos from Kos Town.

I hope you enjoy it!

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