Mirna Mihoković is the main designer behind the young Candybalism. The inspiration for Candybalism she finds predominantly in the psychology of the human mind, especially in the way it deals with the problems of modern society. Geometric lines and mathematical beauty inspire the creation of aesthetic interesting silhouettes.

Clothing is intended for courageous women. To those who do not fear their specialties, who are not afraid to stand alone in society, and against their norms.

Elysian (Pleasurable, Famous, Blessed, Origins from Greece Elysion pedion, where heroes and honorable men live after death) is a collection for contemporary women.

Always looking in face of a sea of problems to realize their vision, goals and ultimately find their inner Godess, their identity. There is a whole society in their path, all the obstacles that are consciously and unconsciously placed, and all the doubts within themselves. Returning to their roots, they find the necessary strength and inner treasure; In the end, they become a real urban warrior.

The collection seeks inspiration in tribal custom of dress, color and pattern. By modernizing this tradition of clothing, it is made of natural materials – cotton, viscose, silk and leather, while the shades of colors with their tones create everyday elegance, purity and fluidity.

The collection was co-operated with two more Croatian brands, Ayelen with specially designed leather harnesses in function as a part of the garments and JunkJewelery with crafted jewelry especially for the purpose of this collection. All pieces are available individually for sale and are hand made and unique!

Make up was created by Kassandra Draganić. The story was recorded with Zvonimir Ferina’s camera, and it was made alive by Adela Klobučar (FOX Models Croatia)

The young designer behind the name, besides the new collection, has also launched her own, quite inspiring, Crowdfunding campaign to achieve her long battle for her dream studies, which you can find out more on the Indiegogo Generosity site – Dream with me, I want to study! Do take a look, it’s definitely worth your time!

More info: generosity.com