A U.S. military lifestyle was born no more than 6 months ago. Living in Dorms and seeing the base all day tends to get under my skin. I’m a very extroverted, spontaneous person and I love Color. I love to just hop on any type of transportation and go. Korea is a wonderful, vibrant place, at first glance you may not see it, but the deeper you get into it the more little things become dreamlike.

On my weekends I travel through the city looking for more shots and experiences. I try to climb mountains, and eat at different restaurants. Sometimes go to the clubs or see the festivals. There is many beautiful things, the best way to travel is to plan to go to one place, get there and just walk around. Your circle will get bigger and might end up on the other side of the city. So many nooks and crannies full of little jewels.

Even though North Korea ominously looms over South, The people don’t let it get to them, they live, they breathe an they let loose in the “Party City of the World”.


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Dancing Colors

After leaving my hotel, I went on a long walk just to see what was happening, and came across something huge. 100s of tents, thounsands of people right in the center of Seoul. It just so happened to be the “Friendship Festival”. Great food, great people, awesome art.

The heights

Speaking of a jewel The seoul tower is the most noticeable of them all. 777 feet (236.70 m) tall, and standing on a mountain, it displays itself across any angle of the city, and almost every angle is another usable image. This image was taken while climbing Mount Inwangsan. Dead tired an dehydrated I stumbled into a resting place. looking up I saw an image that could bring me a smile.

Man-Made Mountain Falls

Climbing Up I saw a nice fall.

The Prison View

After Mount Inwangsan, I went to check out the Prison Museum. There were many torture devices and smalls cells, the place gave me the creeps, I hope this image gives you the same feel.

Color everywhere, but the sky is still blue

Train ride home was 2 hours long but I made, I passed this Green Bridge, it was pretty. I added purple just because I like how it looks.

Mirroring the Modest

Faces Unknown

There are quite a few odd statues sprinkled throughout Seoul. They have no description but, they do make you think.

Going up

Lone Man

Walking under a bridge I saw this homeless man sitting on the steps. Although homelessness seems low in Seoul, it still always has an impact on my heart.

Explosive Creation

Another sky high tower being built, a common thing here.

Abstract Models

Another beautiful statue with a wonderful background.

Head angles

Polar Bear Paintings

There’s pretty trinkets wherever you go

Wide View Station

Getting off the Yongsan subway station to go check out some cameras at the electronics market, I saw this beautiful wide image to capture.

Mount Doom

Opposite of Mount Inwangsan

The Real Sunset

I was just feeling classic and the sun was large and red.

The Classic Art

Moon Tower

Timing sometimes helps you a lot.

Mount Inwangsan, a long hike.

The Night movement

Ancient Graffiti

Even in the dirty alleyways you can find cool things.