I woke up one day having the urge to capture and document a 24 hours of a homeless cat life. When I got to the streets I found it.

Always had an interest to know how they do it. What if no one feed them? How many hours do they sleep ? Is there a permanent place they sleep at or not ? an many many more.

I followed this one particular cat a full day (24 hours ), living with her every single detail of her life.

I hope this one will be able to give at least a glimpse of their lives and let us think out it a little and compare it to our pampered one.

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It turned out that she’s a mother. Till not a gram of meat after one hour. How many times would she’ll be able to feed her kitten ?

So this man saw me and took me to a place where he goes everyday and geed the cats. More than 10 cats came when he called SUSU! He told me that he knew several people who does this everyday like him although the municipality should be the one responsible for this.

3 out of the 10 cats that the man is feeding on daily basis. Don’t they deserve a better place to live in?

Back to the blonde mami. Feeding for the second time today without eating in 4 hours.

After following it for like 5 minutes in the street suddenly it went through this door and I found that the owner of the house has offered some meat in the dish. Found her first meal today. Thank you for being a human anonymous. Thank you.

She took a 3 hours nap. 16 more hours to go!

Playing with her kitten on the balcony of their home for another 3 hours.

She kept sitting till 6 am on their balcony.. Doing nothing. Then she started feeding again her kitten as you can see here. I can’t decide if this cat is lazy or all cats are. She’s never got out of the area of where she’s living at all in 19 hours. 4 more hours of covering.

The kitten finally got out of the box and started socializing. The current sign of their tales, raised up, is a way to show that they’re being friendly. You can know a lot about a cat through understanding their body language. A cat’s tail is tremendously communicative and the coolest body language sign.

This is the end. 24 hours following one cat in the street. From the first minute I started this short story, I started thinking how it will end and in which photograph. Guess what ? someone decided to take them and take care of them. How beautiful is this. Small things always matter. I’ve been lucky to document this before they’re gone. I learned from this story and I learned from the cats themselves. And as Woody Allen said in his movie Manhattan : ” Not everybody gets corrupted. You have to have a little faith in people”.