There are seven cats on instagram that are the true fashionistas of this world. They dress better than you, in designer clothes, they have glam teams, personal photographers, PR teams, personal shoppers, chauffeurs and staff that take care of them 24/7. They live an amazing life, so much better that yours. Their instagram accounts look amazing, showing the world their exquisite taste of everything that is good in life. You will be jealous of their lives! They all have a dark past that they manage to overcome and completely transform their lives with the help of their beloved parents.

Here are that cats that you have to follow on instagram!

1. Puss In Glam @pussinglam
She is the most glam cat there is. With an insane army of professionals that take care of her and her public image you could say she is a true star. Her instagram account looks so polished and esthetic that even the big names of fashion would be jealous. Found almost dead, she was brought back to a new life that is to die for. Her mom is her personal photographer, but she collaborates with other famous photographers too.

2. My furry babies. (@my_furry_babies)
Morrison and Joey were both adopted from animal shelters. They love to hang out at home in comfortable clothes and also they do a lot of coplay. They play being policeman being very serious or just being lazy in their bathrobes. Joey is 10 years old and he is a very friendly cat to everyone including his dog sister. His favourite food is chicken & favourite thing besides working in front of the camera is sleeping.

3. Hummus The Cat @hummusthecat, the cat of award-winning photographer Jason McGroarty, was diagnosed with Feline Leukaemia as a kitten and is unable to go outside as a result. Jason wanted to cheer her up and capture a memorable series of images that would illustrate her quirky personality so he decided to design and create custom clothing for Hummus to model in their cat-sized studio at home! They even have a book coming out later this year.

4. Princess Pearl. (@kinghenry_princesspearl) She is a feline fashionista. She really enjoys being pampered! Even if it’s hard for people to believe, when she is being dressed up she puts her paws up to help get them in the dress.. Dressing Pearl is flower crowns is one of the first things she originally started doing and she loves them! She has about 50 dresses.

5. Ginger Penny @ginger_penny is a 3 year old rescue kitty. Penny and her siblings were thrown in a dumpster at 6 weeks of age. Thankfully their story has a happy ending as they were all rescued and adopted into loving homes. Penny loves to wear clothes and enjoys meowdeling for the camera. She is all about the attention and loves having her picture taken.

6. Fredrick, Lilly, and Franklin (@FredLillyFranky)
They are 3 spoiled, fashionistas living in the Philly suburbs. They passionately care about reducing the pet population through spay and neuter awareness. They even have their own site with custom made items on etsy.

7. Lola Fashion Cat (@lola_fashioncat)
She was found naked and muddy in a yard with her siblings when she was a week old. She was already adorable but extremely anxious. All that changed instantly when she was introduced to a “post-operation camouflage jumpsuit” after she got spayed. There was no way back. Lola LOVED the suit and did not want to get out of it. She was happy and flaunted her attire like a true diva. She is picky though and only wears the most comfortable and fashionable outfits.

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@pussinglam – almost dead when she was adopted, but look at her now. She cleans up nicely! She has the most ridiculously beautiful instagram account

@pussinglam – she has a personal photographer, retoucher, fashion designer, chef, chauffeur and PR. She has the most high end photography shoots and a matching personality

@pussinglam She does high-end photography editorials. She has a blog coming soon

@pussinglam she has an impressionable collection of over 500 necklaces

@my_furry_babies This is Joey being a very serious Policeman

@my_furry_babies Morrison is a very cheeky young boy & this picture shows him looking very guilty ;)

@hummusthecat – diagnosed with Feline Leukaemia, but she is a true model now

@hummusthecat – she models custom design clothes in their cat size studio

@kinghenry_princesspearl Pearl in one of her signature looks: flower princess outfit

@kinghenry_princesspearl Whenever she sees a camera, she stops and poses

@Ginger_penny – the most beautiful ginger model out there

@ginger_penny – Penny loves to wear bows to let everyone know she is a girl as most ginger kitties are boys.

@FredLillyFranky With varying shades of ginger hair, they create a ginger ombré rainbow, splashed with colorful bow ties

@FredLillyFranky Lilly strutting her stuff in her bikini “But seriously I can’t believe my #itsybitsyteenyweenypolkadotbikini still fits

@Lola_fashioncat “Lola wears what Lola wants” and green is her colour, her instagram followers voted that.

@Lola_fashioncat she loves to cocoon in her hoodies. She feels like she has a thug life with a Barbie twist