Doctors see pretty messed up stuff on a daily basis. Injuries, gruesome and fatal, are their reality. But they witness beautiful things as well. Recently, someone on Quora asked “What is the most amazing thing you’ve ever seen as an ER doctor?” and oh Hippocrates did they deliver. One answer, however, stood above the rest. Germany-based psychiatrist Mikka Luster shared a story about the time he witnessed a menacing gang of bikers befriending a tiny 6-year-old and it will remind you to not judge a book by its cover. (Facebook cover image: Steve Pike)

Image credits: flattop341 (not the actual photo)

“I have been in Emergency Medicine for a total of 12 years now,” doctor Luster told Bored Panda. I am the psychiatrist, so I get to wear street clothes rather than scrubs, I do odds and ends for most anyone, from dealing with family and patients in traumatic events to drug, alcohol, and psychiatric emergencies (acute psychosis, etc.) and with law enforcement in cases where an arrest has to be made and the mental state of the arrestee is to be determined. So my days are “boredom interrupted by massive stress” on good days, “stress all day” on not so good ones.”

“[The bikers] were members of a known MC that deals in a lot of, shall we say, shady things. Since this is a bigger MC and each chapter seems to be different, I don’t know if that chapter was involved in whichever trade one would presume 1-percenters to be in. It’s totally possible for them to be law abiding citizens who just ride bikes and are a chapter of an MC that does stuff you and I wouldn’t want to be involved in [elsewhere].”

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