Being forced to stay late and eat dinner at your desk, disappointing bonuses and unnecessarily long signoff processes are just some of the frustrations you may have experienced working for someone else. So why do so many people stick at it?

Using the cheesiest stock images available, Yell Business has created a series of five satirical images that poke fun at the corporate way of work. They’ve brought to life the most tedious scenarios that arise when you work for someone else, highlighting what you can avoid if you become your own boss and work for yourself.

The series is based on real feedback shared by 1,500 small business owners about why they took the leap from being employed to running their own business.

More info:

1. Painfully slow signoff processes

2. Waiting for the promotion that never comes

3. Unchallenging work that stifles creativity

4. Disappointing bonuses

5. Dinner at your desk