When people find weird things and have no clue what they are, they usually turn to the internet for help. That’s why we made a list of occasions when people had no idea of what they were looking at, but the internet promptly solved the mystery. However, we wanted to explore these puzzles a little further. So we got our detective Pandas to work on the 5 most intriguing cases, and made a brand new video. We think it’s fair to say that the investigation was pretty intensive!

‘This thing showed up inside the humid jar of my carnivorous plants. What is this thing?’ – asked one internet user, who posted a photo of a weird-looking cobweb inside a jar. They got the answer immediately, and it might surprise you. Here’s a hint: though it has no brains, it can outsmart the best Japanese engineers. Can you guess what it is?

More detective stories get solved in the video below, including a demonic looking creature, and an odd blue thing that looks like a cute balloon but is actually very dangerous. Be sure to check it out, if you’re curious to know how we got to the bottom of these mysteries. Don’t forget to tell us in the comments which puzzle you found the most intriguing.

Bored Panda has gotten brave enough to step in front of the camera, so we need your support! Don’t hesitate to let us know what you would like us to talk about in our next video.

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