Beauty has no age. It was proven by the Never Alone Association, friends of the elderly from Romania, in a unique project. 4 ladies, past the age of 75, have posed with style and elegance, wearing Romanian traditional blouses in a professional photo shoot for a prestigious magazine. Their aim was to draw attention to the alarming situation of the elderly: 1 of 2 elderlies in Romania feels alone and useless.

The photo shoot, conducted by the young photographer Eli Driu and styled by .1Concept – Your Beauty Masters, manages to express both the beauty of the senior citizens and the need to involve society members in the cause of fighting loneliness. The models that benefit from the programs of the association are at least 75 years of age and, after a full and active life, they have to face the ugly side of loneliness.

The Never Alone Association – Friends of the elderly fights against the effects of isolation of older people in Romania.

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Elisabeta Scurtu, 89

Dumitra Zamfirescu, 96

Simona Muscu, 84

Maria Ilie, 78