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We Use 3D Printing To Bring Children’s Drawings To Life
User submission
Art, Design6 years ago

We Use 3D Printing To Bring Children’s Drawings To Life

Cyant is developing a creative platform that can currently let kids of all ages draw and obtain 3D prints of drawings. The prints, which can be rapidly obtained and printed from different materials, can be decorated, painted and integrated into a range of projects.

By giving physical life to drawings, new individual or collective artworks, ornaments, and more, can be created with the platform. The platform is intended to be very simple to use, and Cyant is working to use it to foster learning and creativity in children through STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics) educational activities.

More info:

A child can learn with his or her own handwritten and 3D printed characters

Life is a special bowl of 3D printed cherries with this collective mixed media artwork

A new way to express Japanese poetry

Elementary school children created their own Totoro tree for their fundraising with an early version of Cyant’s platform

3D printing a design in action

Cyant’s platform can be used to create a tactile learning experience, for example to bring a language to life in a new way

An elementary school girl drew and 3D printed her own character to add to her artwork

Based on a character created by Bay Area graphic artist Umar Shareef, a hand drawn and 3D printed Santa came to town

This hand drawn and 3D printed dove created by Hello Lucky! designer Eunice Moyle blends in with natural and seasonal elements to send wishes of joy and peace


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