A few years ago I adopted two cats. The first one adopted was Paf, grey cat, 4kg of silk fur, sassy with a strong cat attitude. Then, it came Tika, a tabby and tender kitten.

I recently got a 3D printer, which is awesome! You can create almost everything for your home, adding a personal customized touch.

Here are some 3D printed accessories for my furry felines

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Pet Tag

Pet Tag

Litter Scoop

Cactus Case. To safeguard our furry friends. Cats are so curious!

Bow tie. Keep your cat classy and fun with this trendy bow tie!

Bat Wings. “I am your hero Human”.

Halloween Stuff

Balls. Push and chase! There’s another, smaller ball printed inside that is off-centre, meaning the ball will never roll straight. Guaranteed to drive that little kitty crazy with delight.

Classy Hat for special occasions

Cat Drinking Pond. All cats love freshwater!!!

Food-dispensing Cat Toy. Fill this simple cat toy with cat treats and watch your cat bat it around in attempt to get at the treats inside.

Cat Toy Rack. Organize all your cat’s playthings in one handy place

Butterfly Wings

Mobile Support. That’s great for watching birds!


The uses of 3D printing are endless. These vases are 3D printed with a special wood filament

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