I met Lone and Liga in Malmo, during one of my earlier visits to Sweden. They attended a button masala workshop and requested me to come back and teach the refugee kids for their B art program.

I obviously could not miss the opportunity and went back in the month of November to Malmo to teach these kids.

They had already arranged for 300 old t-shirts with the help of kids and their families. I went with rubberbands and sequins and great hopes.

The idea was to make them learn a technique that will make them self-reliant and also teach them how to recycle.

The setting was perfect for some very great outcome. The kids were from many countries but mostly from Afganistan and Iran. To my surprise, many of them knew about India and could sing songs from the movies.

Besides making some great products, we had lots of fun knowing more about each other’s culture.

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the beautiful windmill in arlov, sweden where the workshop took place for three days

kids on the day one. It was so much fun to see so many nationalities interact

hat made of old lamp frame and an old tshirt and the dress made from 20 old white tshirts, rubberbands and industrial waste used as buttons

its rare to see a guy make a bag but this afgani boy was very proud of his bag made from one kappa tshirt

she was the quiet one. but made a beautiful bag from just one tshirt

a witch hat and and a jump suit made using 5 tshirts

lamp made from one old tshirt

layered skirt made from few tshirts

cushion cover made from one tshirt