Everyone either was there already or wants to go to Iceland sometime in the future. I was one of the latter people only a couple of weeks ago. I’ve been photographing for years so I know how far pictures might be from the reality so I was very careful no to be over excited. I thought I might finally see northern lights even if it was the end of April. The chance was slim but it was possible. I was hoping for a decent weather even though I knew the weather there is rather unpredictable, especially this time of the year. So how it was?

For me, it was everything I was promised while reading about Iceland. I’ve seen Northern Lights and I experienced all types of weather in just a couple of days. The temperature was changing every day and I experienced between -5 to 10 degrees Celsius. I’ve seen the cloudless sky, snow, hailstones, strong winds and all types of rain one can only imagine and yes Iceland is that amazing!

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“Under the Dark Sky”

“3 x 180 Degrees”

“The Moment of Silence” – Vol.1

Hofskirkja Church

“Geothermal Clock”

“The Moment of Silence” – Vol.2

“The Moment of Silence” – Vol.3

“The Moment of Silence” – Vol.4

“Frozen” – Vol.1

“Another World” – Vol.1

“Icelandic Mustangs” – Vol.1

“Black Sands of Iceland” – Vol.1

“Panta Rhei”



“3D Studio Max”

Dyrhólaey Lighthouse

“Another World” – Vol.2

Dyrhólaey Arch

“Black Sands of Iceland” – Vol.2

“Icelandic Mustangs” – Vol.2

“Winter Vs Spring” – Vol.1

“Frozen” – Vol.2

“Another World” – Vol.3

“Black Sands of Iceland” – Vol.3

“Winter Vs Spring” – Vol.2

“Against the Waves”

“Santa’s Factory”

“Icelandic Fairytale”

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