Girls should do cheerleading or ballet and boys should play football or ride dirt bikes, right? Nope. Not if you ask these 20 kids, who aren’t afraid to do what they love and break some old stereotypes while having fun!

I spent the first half of 2016 working on a personal photo project “Rulebreakers”. I photographed kids, whose hobbies are breaking the rules of “girls hobbies” and “boys hobbies”. These kids are showing that as long as you are doing what you love, gender doesn’t have anything to do with your hobbies.

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Carly, 15

“It upsets me that people don’t see aviation as something that girls can do. It gives me motivation to work even harder, so I can be just as good of a pilot as the boys.”

Maiju, 4

“I’m stubborn, brave and I drive faster than boys.”

Ethan, 8 and Ian, 6

“Kids should just be themselves.”

Brooke, 12

“People tell me I shouldn’t play football because it’s for boys…until they see me play.”

Gabriela, 11

“Playing a game is not about your gender or about winning. It’s about having fun with your teammates.”

Sophia, 14

“When someone says I shouldn’t surf because I am a girl, I usually ignore them. I have better things to do than listen to them trying to make me mad.”

Ida, 12

“Doing sports helps me to clear my mind and focus on what I am doing.”

Grace, 11

“The best thing about riding my dirt bike is riding in the rain and going through muddy puddles.”

Tommy, 8

“I like cheerleading because I get to hang out with lots of girls and lift up people, not just a ball.”

Alexa, Amelia, Ella and McKenna, 12

“You shouldn’t play basketball because you are a boy. You should play it because you like it.”

Frankie, 4

“I like my golf bag because it has Hello Kitty on it.”

Caige, 7

“Kids can follow their dreams and be what they want to be.”

Iiris, Emmi and Susanna, 12

“I’m proud to play ice hockey and not afraid to show it.”

Nora, 9

“You should do what you love, because you want to have fun in your lifetime. I love to build things, fly and fight zombies.”

Grayson, 5

“I love tap, jazz and ballet. Music makes my feet move and I feel happy.”

Desiree, 12

“I won’t let stereotypes define me. No one should have to change themselves to fit into a group they don’t belong to.”

Alizabeth, 11

“I love skateboarding, because I love being able to do something others can’t.”

Vilma, 14

“There’s no such a thing as girl or boy hobbies.”

Adrian and Gabriel, 6

“I love neat fabrics and coloring with different stitches.”

Lali, 15

“I’m always told not to box cuz that’s for boys…I just laugh and carry on.”