For the past few years, Instagram is also used for business purposes and one of the prominent professions is tattooing. Tattoos that allow aesthetic work to meet with our identity are now much easier to reach and has much more variety. This being the case, it is also difficult to decide for us who want to have a tattoo. We have compiled Turkey’s popular tattoo artists to help you to not get lost in the world of colors, shapes, and symbols in the Instagram.

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Eva Karabudak

Eva, who gathers attention with her works on the canvas amaze everyone with her talent. If you are in Istanbul, you should definitely visit Eva.

Erdem Ordu

You can Erdem who had fame in a short time in Beyoglu, Istanbul.

Gökçe Korkmaz

Gökçe, who is enchanted by her work with high contrast where the red is not missing continue to work in Izmir.

Koray Karagözler

Koray is quite famous with his watercolor works and he is demanded especially from abroad with his successful work.

Okan Uçkun

Okan is known for his minimal work and flawless lines, he began to work in Eskisehir, but he continues to work in Istanbul nowadays.

Bicem Şinik

Bicem who fascinates us with her geometric works is one of those who continues to work in Istanbul…

Denizhan Özkar

Denizhan who we notice with his different punctuation works lives in Istanbul just like the others.

Cem Karacan

The tattoo artist Cem, who lives in Bursa, has been doing this for over 10 years.

Resul Odabaş

The artist where you can find him in Cihangir, Istanbul is famous for his watercolor works.

Emrah Çakın

Emrah serves in his studio in Bebek since 1997.

Ahmet Cambaz

It is possible to find Ahmet in Galata.

Tayfun Bezgin

You can find Tayfun in Istanbul and Ankara who is famous with his watercolor works.

Mustafa Sofuoğlu

Mustafa, who mentions his name with his funny works is waiting for the tattoo lovers in Bestekar Street in Ankara.

Ozan Söylerkaya

You can visit Ozan in Taksim who draws attention with his detailed works.

Fatih Odabaş

You can visit Fatih in his studio in Istanbul who is well-known with his works.

Reyhan Beyenirsoy

Reyhan continues to work in Istanbul.

Ali Ersarı

You can visit Ali Ersarı in Bakirköy.

Emre Can İncik

You can find Emre Can in Galata.

Jefree Naderali

It is possible to find Jefree in Galata too.