Hello, Ever since i started playing Hearthstone i just had to sculpt some of my favorite cards, so much cool designs and interesting characters. Blizzard again did a good job selecting artists and art work.

Sculpting relief sculpture is a bit different then sculpting “full 3d”, standing character. At start it was pretty tricky, because you have to figure out the perspective, depth and decide how far to stretch some parts of 2d designs, so that it look good from all sides. Most of the cards were created for myself, but i did bunch of commissions.

All cards sculpted with Polymer clay(super sculpey), painted with acrylics and armature made with wire.

Here they are. Hope you like it, Antonio

More info: Etsy

Babbling Book – Design by A.J. Nazzaro

Deathwing – Design by Bernie Kang

King Krush – Design by Alex Horley

Micromachine – Design by Skan Srisuwan

C’thun – Design by James Ryman

Echoing Ooze – Design by Eric Browning

Azure Drake – Design by Ben Zhang

Ancient of Lore – Design by Patrik Hjelm

Chillwind Yeti – Design by Mauro Cascioli

Sen’jin shieldmasta – Design by Brian Despain

Harvest Golem – Design by Brian Despain

Nerubian Egg – Design by Justin Thavirat

Sneed’s Old Shredder – Design by Christopher Moeller

Kel’thuzad – Design by Chris Robinson

Loatheb – Design by Samwise Didier

Sir Finley Mrrgglton – Design by Matt Dixon

Patches the Pirate – Design by James Ryman