Two people. No more, no less. Here is a series of photographs that I took around the world, of these special moments of connection happening between two people.

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The connection of any kind. No matter when no matter where.

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#3 Kaya, Burkina Faso, 2011

Kaya, Burkina Faso, 2011


Bina Acharya 9 months ago

it looks like no train go through these tracks.. why?

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#4 Lake Song-kol, Kyrgyzstan, 2016

Lake Song-kol, Kyrgyzstan, 2016


cyberbird 9 months ago

Lovely nomad kids.

#5 Hong Kong, China, 2017

Hong Kong, China, 2017


moli.2 9 months ago

Very colourful :)

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#6 Kyoto, Japan, 2015

Kyoto, Japan, 2015


Nico Krd 9 months ago

maiko and geiko

#7 Yazd, Iran, 2015

Yazd, Iran, 2015


Etienne Pisano 9 months ago

For a moment I thought you were in Sardinia, Italy....

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