Artist Richard Smith creates surreal photomontages with photos from his surroundings and travels, with the idea that art is everywhere; we only have to notice.

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Be The Butterfly

“Those are trees in my back yard, a Valentine’s day rose, water from a beach snapshot, my own hand, and a butterfly from a local farm.”

Find What You Love

“Peeling paint from a city parking deck, a tree across from my house and some roadside flowers. Also, the moon.”


“A daybed in my den, neighborhood trees and a neighborhood sidewalk.”

Let Love In

“The lock on my front door, a Valentine’s day rose, and a snapshot from Yellowstone.”

On The Verge, Of Something, Of Course

“A door I pass daily on my work commute, clouds shot from an airplane, retaining wall from the neighborhood and my own eye.”

Reflection, Two States

“A local building, my own eye, and a decorative mirror shot at The Met, NYC.”

Reverse Ghosts Afloat

“Run down building from a city where I used to live atop roadside trees shot from a bridge in the same area.”

Up With The Sun

“Mannequin, storm clouds, solarization.”

Deliberate Vision

“My great grandfather’s pocket watch and my own eye.”