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Probably the World’s Cutest Kitten

If you’re a dog person, you might get a bit skeptical about this post. Just another cute kitten hitting the internet, right? But seriously – isn’t Daisy just the loveliest, fuzziest little ball of fur EVER? These incredibly cute photos were done by Daisy’s owner Ben Torode, who’s not even a professional photographer. Australia-born, Japan-based guy works as a translator, but photographs kittens for a hobby and sells the photos on Getty Images. But let’s go back to Daisy!

Ben found Daisy with his wife at a pet store in Tokyo. They say it was the love at first sight and named the kitten after the nickname of his wife.

Now she’s six months old and these pictures were taken in her youth. She hates to be alone and has a great hunter instinct. Laser pointer, beware! In most images she strikes a killer-cute pose next an equally sized object so that the viewer can get a better grasp of how tiny she is herself.

Check out these images of Daisy as she plays the keyboard or hides in the rolled carpet and admit – you did “awwww” at least once.


Be sure to check out more pictures at Ben’s flickr page.

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  • Loredana Podărăscu via Facebook
  • Alexandra Nielsen via Facebook

    What a love…thanks for the Daisy-dose!

  • Evelina Mitreva via Facebook

    Not probably, for sure the cuttest :)))

  • Marc-André Simard via Facebook

    Totaly, Completely and Absolutely!

  • Nathalie Rizk via Facebook

    cute and great! (**)

  • Celeste Picco via Facebook

    This truly is the world’s cutest kitten!

  • Zosia Kielak via Facebook

    “Awwww!” indeed :)

  • Marie-Louise Möhr via Facebook

    Brilliant photography too!

  • Ilona Mažylytė via Facebook


  • Ivelin Aleksandrov via Facebook

    Cuteness overload!

  • Sarah Moe via Facebook

    sooo cute super cute :)

  • Andriamanohy Mirana via Facebook

    Usually I’m not into cats and pets but this one is definitely sooo cute :)

  • Eli Merete Bye Bratberg via Facebook

    Must be

  • Andreea Chitan via Facebook

    I cannot believe I’m falling for this. I didn’t think I’m that type of person. I guess the cat’s out of the bag :))

  • Zoran Kuzmanov via Facebook

    Silverclouds are cuter

  • Catherine Wiist via Facebook

    Karly Burnsed erhmagerd!!

  • m

    mother of goooooodddddddddd!!!!!! :))))))

  • Not that much

    A regular cat in a lot of photos, that’s all. Most cats do that kind of things and are pretty too.

  • Karen Vaquerano-Bonilla via Facebook

    omg so beautiful!!

  • Adri

    So sweet! But every kitten in the world is cute I think :)

  • Видмиденко Евгения

    Awwwwww!!!!! Great job and super model – Daisy!!! Sweet baby!!!

  • Klara Cole

    ridiculously photogenic kitten!

  • Vildy

    So so kitten, not really “The world’s cutest kitten” but a cute kitten nonetheless. However, the photography is stellar. Truly fabulous photography, which is what makes the kitten seem so cute.

  • Priscilla Martin

    Definitely an “awwwwwwwwwww”

  • Lauren

    Love that 4th picture awwwwww :)

Date posted: Nov 9th, 2012
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