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Stunning Before and After Makeup Photos by Vadim Andreev

While some artists have mastered the Photoshop brushes to give some of their models a much needed face or eye lift, Russian artist Vadim Andreev uses those from the make-up artist kit. And his results are sometimes so jaw-dropping it’s hard to believe the pictures weren’t retouched! Using only cosmetics, Vadim transforms women into stunning cover girls, and can do an equally good job with carnival make-up as well.

No wonder there’s a popular saying in Russia that before you marry, you should take your bride to the sauna first – there you can you can see the real person, without all the cosmetics that can deceive you greatly. It’s an old saying/tradition long before the Photoshop era – so today this sauna test is probably even more important than ever before.

Since the last time we’ve featured Vadim and his stunning make up work, the guy kept improving his skills and now has a new collection of “before and after” pictures. Wonder if their husbands and boyfriends would recognize all of them!


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  • Anna

    Why can’t people just accept that the left is actually what women look like…? men don’t have to slap thick make-up on to be considered attractive. This world is gross.

    • Ryan Fucqua Smith

      Hate to say it, but it’s woman who have done this to themselves. They won’t go out without wearing make up then get offended when a guy doesn’t find them attractive without make up. I mean when you see the huge change it can make from the above photos can you really be that surprised. It’s like two completely different people.

      • Jesse

        BOO. I know you hate to hear it, but the expectations on women to look this way are created by male dominated culture. (e.g.- men.) You just said it, “They won’t go out without wearing make up then get offended when a guy doesn’t find them attractive without make up”. Do your research before making such bold statements about women based on your misogynistic opinion of them, or keep them to yourself.

        • Ryan Fucqua Smith

          Hey, I’m not saying all men won’t find them attractive without makeup but I mean it’s kind of like a friggen mask in this case. The man finds the mask attractive, then you take it off and you’re like, oh NOW I’m not attractive. Not all men are going to do that of course, but there’s a lot of douchebags out there.

          Regardless of that, just my opinion, I have a freedom to post it sorry if it pissed you off.

          I myself am gay, I prefer woman with no to minimal makeup, and I don’t see why people feel they should conform to the mans wants. It’s not like it exactly flows the other way to. I mean half the time men couldn’t give a sh*t what they look like.

          Makeup for me has always been something you can use to accentuate your pros. A lot of woman, especially if they wear as much makeup as above don’t utilize it for that reason, it’s like they’re creating a entirely new face… It’s fine for like walkways and shit cause I mean it’s a form of artistic expression, but when woman wear that much to a club, and some of them do… Eish.

          If you wear it as it’s supposed to be utilized a man is still going to find you attractive with or without it.

        • Ferdinand Chetler

          White knight alert! You need to ease up, Jesse, or you’ll stay in the friend zone forever. Too bad what Ryan said is true. Here in NY, women won’t go to the gym unless they are made up. For some of us, we know that makeup can’t hide an ugly person.

          • Liz Carroll

            Women think that men like them with lots of make up, a lot of men don’t care for makeup really..

            The more makeup you wear the worse your skin will get, so wearing makeup to cover your blemishes is only creating a vicious cycle, if your skin can’t breathe then you’ll just get more blemishes which you will just go and cover up with makeup

          • nicolekruex

            That’s not at all true. Wearing cheap make-up… yes. Wearing natural mineral based make-up, bot so much. However no one should be wearing as much shellac as these poor women have been subjected too. Looks like those poor overly photo-shopped toddlers in pageants.

          • AnnaMMH

            I agree. Switching to mineral makeup really does save your skin, though even that (imo) shouldn’t be used every day unless you absolutely have to. Your skin will start looking the way it did as a child -not quite as smooth, but it will start looking more flawless and irritation redness from wearing makeup everyday will go away. Also, take Cod Liver Oil every day for the Vitamin A if you have acne. Seriously is the best thing ever. Garden of Life Brand is the best brand of this for this best price. Dermatologists will try to sell you something called Accutane that has really serious side effects and all it is is synthetic vitamin A, when the real stuff actually works better. Take a teaspoon every day and it will get rid of breakouts without expensive products (Nordic Naturals is really good as well, but they are really expensive, I recommend Garden of Life; just make sure it’s a good quality brand).

          • nicolekruex

            Amazing advice thank you!! I will try the Vitamin A!!

      • Yvette

        Yes, two completely different people – it is – it’s called the power of photoshop Ryan. Make up can only achieve so much. Don’t worry, if your girlfriend starts getting ugly, just photoshop her.

    • Anonymous

      The world was given to us, perfect and beautiful. It’s men (society) thats making it ugly and dreadful!

  • amelia

    stunning? turning women into plastic dolls?

  • Jennifer

    Anyone who doesn’t believe these are photoshopped need to get glasses.

    Just looking at the change in the shapes of some of their noses and the lack of pores normal humans have will betray that fact.

    • Ryan Fucqua Smith

      That’s what makeup can do if you pile on enough foundation though? The nose and eye and cheek shapes can all be changed to a certain degree with makeup.

  • Sceptical me

    Also, the “without make up” pics are taken mostly in really bad lighting conditions, and the “after” pics mostly taken in good light, with flashes or lots of natural light.. You top that with heavy make up and photoshop, you’ll get this guy’s result..

  • Captain Awesome

    Most of them were pretty in their before pictures too.

    • Malt Mickey

      Ah. No.

  • Casey McCarty

    They look plasticine like creepy full-size dolls. I understand there must be a metric craptonne of foundation on the “after” version, airbrushed highlighters and whatnot (and if they get that done often, that’s probably why the before shots have such broken out skin), but that’s truly a bizarre look that would be out of place off the stage.

  • Ancient

    makeup is more powerful than photoshop, woman have to fight against the warfare of fakery, the majority of makeup doesn’t help your skin longterm.

  • SusieQusie

    Totally photoshopped. Beautiful-but definitely edited.

  • Jimjam

    Most of them looked much better before!

  • Bella ROx

    Guy – “can you make me look like a Simpson please? I want my face the colour of my tee shirt please. Thanks. ”

  • Sunshine Lliteras

    Hey just call it what it is “Photoshop does Amazing work” then post the tutorial.

  • Midstar

    All of these are photoshopped as well.

  • Xio Gen

    Half of these makeovers just make them look like drag queens. One girl he managed to actually make look older! She looks like a middle aged mom!

  • Micka

    For most of them I prefer the left picture. I’m not against a bit of make up. But here it’s too much and too bad. It’s even ugly for some of them. Come on girls, stay natural! It’s how good men really like you. Girls on the right side can be okay for a night but girls on the left side are for a life.

  • Sj Lowe

    I think they look fabulous with makeup, but its not for every day use sadly we would all look like freaks from the city in “the hunger games” with all that caked on our faces ;)

  • oddworldHELLO

    #5 before make up is more better .. i just kissed her lips :D

  • Olivia

    if you people had any level of observation you would see that none of these are photoshopped and they are in fact all achieved with makeup and good lighting. the blemishes, facial “peach fuzz” and beauty marks/moles are all visible to the eye if you focus to look beyond the foundation. and yes highlighting and contouring can change how facial features appear; thinning faces, widening eyes, creating the illusion of a slimmer nose or higher cheekbones or a smaller forehead, all of this is achievable with makeup alone. so drop the whole “i’m a photoshop novice and even i can tell” act, you just make yourself look ignorant and stupid to legitimate makeup artists

    • Salodge

      i can show you in all these pics where they have been photoshopped. not saying the makeup doesn’t have some effect, but these are just horrendously photoshopped. we get that you’re a makeup artist and pride yourself on your profession but you need to be realistic about the situation…

      • Carsha

        I’d like to introduce you to the mystical combination of lighting and make up. One day you’ll learn.

    • Salodge

      also, quite the redundant statement you have there, “you just make yourself look ignorant and stupid to legitimate makeup artists”

    • Yvette

      Olivia, you overrate your skills girlfriend.

  • Darlene Richardson

    They are using a type of air brush make-up now that really hides blemishes. Used in different shades can make a person look flawless with very little applied. Saw it on a show about make-up artists and new techniques. So they can really do wonders on a person. I do not wear make-up at all. No lipstick, no nothing. I hate the feeling of stuff on my face, and eye make-up….even hypoallergenic does make my eyelashes fall out and they are already long. No thanks to make up for me.

  • Brian

    Most of them look like drag queens in the after photos. Just saying.

  • Salodge

    photoshop more. seriously photoshop more.

  • Kate

    They look like cartoons figur with makeup :(

  • Guest182

    Personally I think they all look like drag queens.

  • Anonymous

    some are 2 baggers….next morning would be a test!

  • HeatherTims

    “Blah blah Blah Makeup is bad. Too much makeup blah blah she looks betetr without 5 pounds of it. Blah blah blah men are the root cause of evil, and women’s low self esteem. ” I think that covered all the whining and complaining. Now get off your soap box and shut it.

  • Headi Smuth

    This is just makeup that makes women look like trannies. There is no real beauty here just theatrical tricks & a lot of retouch.


    is this bad to say he turned a freak-show into supermodels LOL so hollywood, love it

  • Aztecamama

    It’s theater. It’s drama. Great make-up for performance…

  • Hanonymous

    Lies…all lies…!

  • Anonymous

    Thank you to those that invented make-up, because the society would have been twice as scary as it all ready it is today. I’ll rather seeing walking barbies, then zombies!

  • iseektruth

    Being gay, I’ve often wondered what it is like for straight guys when they go out to meet women who are all made up and then have to wait until “the morning after” to see what they really look like! I realized that I had never seen any of my coworkers who are women without their makeup on and therefore probably wouldn’t recognize them on say, a Sunday morning. I’ve also wondered how much time it takes every day to get all that done…not to mention the elaborate hair styles and outfits and accessories!! I know men groom themselves to go out too but the difference is most often not that dramatic!!

  • Yiska

    These are photoshopped so it completely takes away the authenticity of these makeup “transformations.” Several of these girls’ noses miraculously look thinner (despite the contouring, their noses are still entirely different shaped – the 7th one from the bottom up is the most obvious) This article should just be deleted.

    • Vera Knief

      Ignorance. Just because they look drastically different doesn’t mean they were shopped. With contouring you can change how your features are perceived. And for the people who say the Acne couldn’t have been covered, google Dermablend. With a high coverage foundation, you get a clean slate to work your magic on. I don’t find these transformations to be unbelievable at all. Just the work of a fantastic makeup artist.

  • Ana

    The guy looks like he is radioactive after the makeup….looks all yellow

  • yvette

    It’s only because you have not found the make up that can make your neck literally thinner, eyes larger and eyeballs whiter, nose physically thinner, higher cheeckbones – like literally can move them up, wrinkle free eyes – literally the make up takes AWAY the wrinkles, can even change exact same hairstyle into another colour, remove pimples, not just cover them up … so hey, when you find this make – up, please let me know! I am desperate to get my hands on some, like these woman have discovered…

  • Davy

    As a daily user (and abuser) of photoshop…my experienced eye sees photoshop and lens filters on all of these images. Some are more subtle than others but they are there.