A room with a view will always fetch a higher price, and for good reason: waking up with an expansive panorama, seaside horizon or beautiful forest vignette in your bedroom is about as good as it gets!

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It's interesting to note how window design affects these views as well. Some act like picture frames, while others take up the entire wall, making you feel like it's not even there. Yet others complement or even add to the view with thematic frames or other design elements.

Have you ever stayed in a room with a spectacular view like these? If so, add it to this list! If you live in one, well… go ahead and make us green with envy!

#1 Zermatt, Switzerland

Zermatt, Switzerland

firefly-collection.com Report

HillaryGross 11 months ago

why would they put a couch in front of that gorgeous view

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#2 St. Lucia

St. Lucia

ladera.com Report

TarunPathak 11 months ago


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#3 New York, Usa

New York, Usa

432parkavenue.com Report

HillaryGross 11 months ago

I'd be waterlogged from taking too many baths if I lived there!

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#4 Amalfi Coast, Italy

Amalfi Coast, Italy

sirenuse.it Report

#5 Norway


juvet.com Report

Michel Guntern 2 months ago

Could get chilly in winter.

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#6 Switerland


interactiveresorts.co.uk Report

DarylPungitore 11 months ago

Never mind the spelling. The carpentry is excellent, the view is to die for. Each complements the other.

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#7 South Africa

South Africa

Makanyane Report

JanetPolley 11 months ago

there is nothing to beat this

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#8 Scotland, Uk

Scotland, Uk

William O’Brien Jr Report

Queenluxa 11 months ago

omg yes please

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#9 Finland


kakslauttanen.fi Report

EveHershkowitz 11 months ago

Must be like sleeping at the planetarium!

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#10 Usa


zillowstatic.com Report

#11 California, Usa

California, Usa

Jonathan Segal Report

microsaurio 11 months ago

This looks like where the first season of Fear the Walking Dead ended.

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#12 Finland


Anders Portman & Martin Sommerschield Report

JoanneBenzenhafer 11 months ago

Someone has a very nice sauna.

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