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Tool Reveals How Much Celebs & Models Are Photoshopped

It’s not big news that celebrities and models get photoshopped all the time, however it was really hard to tell just how much Photoshopping had been done.

Researchers in the Department of Science at Dartmouth College have finally developed a software tool that can rate photos based on how much digital altering has been done.

“We have developed a quantitative and perceptually meaningful metric of photo retouching. Photographs are rated on the degree to which they have been digitally altered by explicitly modeling and estimating geometric and photometric changes. This metric correlates well with perceptual judgments of photo retouching and can be used to objectively judge by how much a retouched photo has strayed from reality.

Below are some sample photos from their research published in the journal of National Academy of Sciences this week.


Angelina Jolie

Kim Kardashian

Kim Cattrall

Nina Garcia

Image credits: Glenn Feron

George Clooney

Image credits: gettyimages


Image credits: Lorena Sturlese

Candice Huffine

Image credits: V-magazine  |

Extreme Makeover

Image credits: Paulo Arrivabene

Patricia Green Bikini

Image credits: Ricardo Carreon

Toothless Lew

Image credits: Jeanine Price


Image credits: Regina Pagles


Image credits: Grant Thomas


Image credits: Diana Sims

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  • Carlos Amorós via Facebook

    Fergie is horrible!

  • Guido Goudswaard via Facebook

    Dunno who Nina Garcia is, but she looks like a cartoon character

  • Veronika Khabarova via Facebook

    I have seen my mother do this to photos. It’s scary what a little photoshop can to to a portrait.

  • Maltreting via Facebook

    Photoshop – caught red headed ;-)

  • Laetitia Viglino via Facebook

    okay we all knew that celebs are photoshopped all over. but still, wtf..? personally i find Candice Huffine’s pictures the most disturbing out of your selection. why would anyone photoshop her sexy curves? why?? i dont get it.

  • Anonymous

    wow…some of them are just 0_o ….

  • Spin

    I don’t mind the photoshopping.. do it myself in my own photos. It’s just.. when an expression changes such as really happens with Juliet, I don’t like it.

  • Lana

    angelina jolie is a natural beauty…

Author:   Date posted: Mar 20th, 2012
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