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Rooms Transformed Into Overhead Cat Playgrounds With Walkways And Platforms

With all the attention we put into designing and decorating our homes, we sometimes forget about accommodating our feline friends as well. German design company Goldtatze (Goldpaw), however, hasn’t forgotten – their company specializes in creating overhead playgrounds and walkways for cats.

The company’s complex playgrounds feature long scratch posts, descending ramps, rope bridges, platforms and other structures perfectly suited for a cat’s acrobatics. According to their site, everything is hand-made, and some parts include real tree branches for a more natural feel.

As most cat owners know, a setup like this is much preferred to a tree, which cats might be able to climb but may have trouble getting out of. Cats love to climb trees because this confers both a predatory advantage over their prey and helps them watch out for aggressive animals or predators.

Although they are skilled climbers, their curved claws make it so they can only climb facing up. A cat must be willing to jump or to climb tail first to descend from a tree. Unfortunately, most cats prefer, panicking, meowing, and being rescued by firemen.

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