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What If The Moon Was Replaced By Other Planets

A clear starry night sky is already beautiful as it is – yet some space enthusiasts still have the imagination to see it in a different way. Minnesota-based artist and writer Ron Miller got curious about what the night sky would look like if the Moon was replaced with any other planet from the Solar system. To grasp the difference better, he replaced the Moon with 7 other planets, keeping them at the same distance as the Moon is from the Earth (which is around 240,000 miles), and did not alter the size proportions of the planets.

Ron does admit, however, that the manipulations leave some facts out of the consideration – for example, the changes in the atmospheric condition of Venus – but the photos are no less interesting. Speaking of Venus – imagine the night being as bright as day with it, as the planet reflects six times more light than the Moon! As for Mars, even though in size it would be similar to the Moon, “it would be easy to see with the naked eye details on the surface of the planet that were previously visible only through telescopes. You could watch the ice caps grow and shrink during the changing seasons, see dust storms form and move across the planet and make out features like Vallis Marineris and Olympus Mons.” How about that?

The most impressive photos, however, are those with the biggest planets replacing the Moon, such as Saturn (those rings!) or Jupiter (which is 40 times larger than the Moon). What about you? Would you like to replace the moon?

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What do you think?

  • Mohammad J. Masad via Facebook

    and fuck up our planet, yea , why not :p

  • Andreas Kruck via Facebook

    No. I’m not a fan of Jupiter’s tidal force so close to my home.

  • Barbara Gepert via Facebook

    well… they look great…i would only be scared of their influence;)

  • Judy Guest via Facebook

    Neptune is so pretty blue.

  • Vishwajeet Kakde via Facebook

    This is so beautiful, I love the pictures. Saturn specially looked great :P i love the idea! moon’s getting boring anyway

  • Alexander Mannsfeld via Facebook

    If we could Shrink them, mass- and diameter-wise – yes, give me Uranus (Sorry for that:) ).
    Else: couldnt stand earth getting tored apart by gravity :)

  • Add Ict via Facebook

    moon isn’t planet

  • Lucilla Trapazzo via Facebook

    I deeply love our moon, the moon of the lovers, the moon of the sighs, the moon which inspired so many artists and writers and poets, the moon which looks like a face, the moon ever-changing and yet the same. no, i keep ”my” moon :)

  • Jess Curkovic via Facebook

    Saturn is my favorite!!!!

  • Martin Gutsch via Facebook

    Esthetically, yes. Considering gravitational fluctuations, not so much.

  • Silvie Komárková via Facebook

    I want Saturn to be a moon!

  • Tracy Losey via Facebook

    That’s so cool.

  • Sue Dehn via Facebook

    I think these are cool (as photos, not as real life). Too bad I don’t have a photo of Jupiter in my files to use.

  • TCD-Taking care of design via Facebook

    Moon… Keith Moon… …both are irreplaceable.

  • Mila Hover via Facebook

    This title is nonsensical! Pass!

  • Annette Picard via Facebook

    No, I like the moon – but it would be nice to have two…

  • Din Koci via Facebook

    I ALWAYS THOUGHT ABOUT THIS/ what if the orbit of one of those big planets came even CLOSER then the pics and the whole sky was a panet

  • Theresa Ellensohn via Facebook

    woul chose neptun!!! great!!!!! i

  • Anonymous

    If the moon was replaced by other planets…. we would be orbiting them… if not crashing together.

    • You Missed The Point

      i dont think thats the point

      • Anonymous

        I know that’s not the point… actually, it is part of the point… it’s very interesting to see the differences between planets and the moon, interesting to imagine a noticeably different sky, however something so large at such a close distance is unrealistic… and (others have said it before) quite frightening.
        What kind of orbit does Earth have to be in to change the sky? Earth’s orbit affects our seasons and tides too… Earth could be uninhabitable… or it could be a massive asteroid on a collision course… there are such concerns… replacing the moon (for real) is no petty thing.

  • Inken Schuster via Facebook

    Jupiter’s really scary…

    • anon.coder

      I got scared by both Jupiter & Saturn :(

  • Jędrzej Gaj via Facebook


  • George Gionis via Facebook

    I would pick Saturn…Very romantic (if you were alive to experience it)!

  • Julie Walls via Facebook

    very cool. but the moon works for me.

  • Mookey Zulu via Facebook

    Sorry I’ve never been high enough to contemplate this!

  • Tajim

    Where is Pluto ? :(

    • Plutarch

      It has been redefined and is no longer a planet unfortunately (no joke)

Author:   Date posted: Apr 5th, 2013
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