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31 Maps Mocking National Stereotypes Around the World

Using infographical maps to represent data is nothing new, but London-based designer Yanko Tsvetkov, through his site, has taken this common form in a new direction by releasing a series of both funny and thought-provoking prejudice maps. Instead of displaying political borders or statistics, his maps make tongue-in-cheek representations of social, cultural and political stereotypes.

The stereotype maps label nations and geographical regions by the stereotypes through which they are perceived by the map’s primary subject. The labels he uses touch on everything from political concerns, like the development of the European Union, to cultural stereotypes, like the Hellenocentric view that Greece gave Europe its culture. The U.S.A’s map labels Russia as a communist stronghold, while Britain’s map labels Ireland as an island full of rascals.

Possibly the best part about the maps is that the labels pull no punches. You’ll get a good laugh from some of the funnier maps and labels, like the map of the world according to Silvio Berlusconi, in which the nations are labeled by the type of women one can find there.

Designer Yanko Tsvetkov, the man behind, has received international acclaim for his clever maps, which have garnered millions of views. His maps are worth looking at no matter where you’re from. You might learn a thing or two.


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  • Amykinz

    Pagan white bears got me xDD

  • picto

    These all were made by a bulgarian graphic designer. Don’t be angry :)

    • SkyWolf

      So what if he’s bulgarian?
      Find your sense of humour FFS…
      Bulgaria was not spent in how other relate to it – cheap pussy, thieves, cheap booze, etc… So be more open-minded.
      Btw, I laughed on all of the maps, no matter I’m bulgarian too.

      Good work to the designer!

      • Kieranshawn

        Yes, it’s actually what a Bulgarian thinks other countries think. Glad that this Bulgarians idea of what other countries feel is funny to another Bulgarian however to me it often far from the mark. I lived in Bulgaria for 4 years and can say they are not the most worldly people; racism is widely accepted and some quite bizarre stereotypes seemingly coming from nowhere are shared by the masses. Is this an advert for the good, yet unknown to the world, standard of education or does this just reinforce to the world the typical view of Bulgarians as blinkered and ignorant people?

  • みゆう(Miyou)

    the shire omfg

  • somebody

    whoever wrote this is extremely racist,i’m not saying this as a troll or anything but this is just plain mean it’s not even funny

  • Helen


  • afoihfoiwehfoiwhfoih

    that is……………..mean

  • Jeannette


  • trickydix2000

    Cool site

  • frombelgiumwithlove

    and how do belgians look at the rest of europe, make one please i wonder. Too bad though that with belgium the rest of europe always thinks the same namely, beer, waffles en EU

    • Jessica Autumn

      Don’t forget chocolate :p

    • Nell

      How does Belgium look to the rest of the world. One word: Belgiumistan.

  • Kieranshawn

    Poorly put together, a few laughs but many are not funny and are plain ignorant rubbish. Clearly the author is not as well traveled or aware as he thinks he is. Concept is fine, funny even, but these things need knowledge and thought to be a successful joke for all. Nice try, no doubt someone will copy the model and make something very funny from it.

  • Lise Griffiths

    Quite funny! And clever, you can see it’s just a joke as it insults everyone in one way or another!

  • Frid

    Romania and Bulgaria – Gypsy land!!!))))

  • HeliumLaugh

    It’s a wake up call to how ridiculous we all are in our prejudices, phobias and knee-jerk reactions to other people someone told us to (pick one) hate, disrespect, treat badly, expect a certain outcome from. I am a white American and was STUNNED the day I walked a Hong Kong shopping bizzare with a Phillipino friend and the Chinese merchants treated her like crap because they thought she was my maid. WTF? its good to know how stupid every culture can be so we can consciously choose not to be like that.

  • bret

    These are more maps according to the TeaBillies and is not actually representative of what the rest of us think. Funny, in a stereotype sort of way . . .

  • Dave

    Obviously compiled by an American, reinforcing their arrogance and racist attitudes toward other nations and peoples. Stay where you are the “mighty” USA. Rather droll too if I may say so

    • ellie

      nope, actually he’s bulgarian and living in london. do a tad bit more research before you come here judgmentally and harshly bashing and stereotyping an entire country of people. NOT that i’m taking the other extremist point of view that americans are perfect because, well, i am one and i would be the first person to lecture you on why the US is so messed up in almost every way possible. just try to think things through based on objectiveness rather than coming to conclusions under the influence of high-strung and personal emotions. it’ll work out better for you, and anyone else out there looking to be listened to when he or she has something to say.

      • Anonymous

        You mention stereotyping and bashing? All of these maps are chuck full of IGNORANT stereotyping and bashing of entire countries. I doubt the author even visited his own back yard, much less other places enough to qualify him (or her) to designate some of the RIDICULOUSLY racist and ignorant designations shown.

    • Malt Mickey

      You fail dipshit.

      It’s a European, not an American. Way to go full retard kid.

    • cheech

      dave’s not here man!

    • Geoff

      Reading comprehension? This was done by a Bulgarian. Your bias is showing. ;)

  • Chuck

    Apparently all Americans share the same stereotypes as the dumb, backwards-thinking hicks that are concentrated in the southern states…give me a break.

    • kevinp2

      LOL, your irony is showing: “… the dumb, backwards-thinking hicks that are concentrated in the southern states” – you must be one of the tolerant and inclusive crowd we keep hearing about.

      • Dave

        It’s the Southern states (and especially Texas) who went full-on retard Christian-crusade Republican, and poisoned our politics. You did it to yourselves (and dragged the entire image of the USA with you.) Thanks, much.

        • kevinp2

          LOL, way to help dig deeper…

  • Ms Debbie

    When you actually teach culture/stereotypes this is hysterical. Great slant on First person also. The Creative Mind Neva Rests thanks for bravo bold language

  • Jessica Autumn

    More people would put Obama in Africa. *eye roll

  • Anonymous

    Most of the labels on these maps are based on pure ignorance.

    • Jehan

      Isn’t that the point? It’s a map about all the prejudices of each country? The joke is really on the country that is the subject, rather than the object, of the joke. The fact that each map shows no or very little knowledge of each country is the whole point. Whether that is accurate or not is up for discussion, but it’s just a light dig at the way each of these countries sees the world.

  • Patrick Garrison

    Some cartographers are just having WAY too much fun!

  • gigigogos

    the bitter comments that i have read, make it even clearer to me that one’s sense of humour is by far more accurate than any IQ test ever devised. Big thumbs up for the creators!

  • Guest

    My favorite ones:
    Argentina – drama queens

    Turkey – sexy homophobic (and sexist) men

    Italy – plagiarists/mama’s boys
    Great Britain – Imperialists

    Portugal – Brasil

  • Julia

    My favorite ones:

    Argentina – drama queens
    Turkey – sexy homophobic (and sexist) men
    Italy – plagiarists/mama’s boys
    Great Britain – Imperialists
    Portugal – Brasil


  • lightningtiger

    Europe got raped with stereotypes LOL

  • Red-Dragon

    I loved this! Mainly because my country was always ignored – or at least thought of as England… The stereotypes weren’t 100% accurate, but I had a right laugh! I bet the artist is pretty chuffed at having done this.

  • mj

    Quite funny! But the enigma code was broken by 2 brilliant POLISH math scientists and GB just took the credit for it for a long time, way too long. So remember that!

  • yoco93cro

    World according to Serbs: *Whole world map covered in one color with big word SERBIA all over it*.

  • lucasalmeida35

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  • AwesomePrussia


  • lthindle

    can anybody read what vermont’s is in the mainland us map?

    • Phillip Chalmers

      I wonder if the inspiration for this was provided by the whole Asterix and Obelix series. Brilliant satire using very broad knowledge of international stereotypes used with a light and sensitive touch.

  • Phillip Chalmers

    I wonder if the inspiration for this was provided by the whole Asterix and Obelix series. Brilliant satire using very broad knowledge of international stereotypes used with a light and sensitive touch. Very humerous

  • Jennifer Grzanka

    This is a SARCASTIC creative piece people. It means it’s done in jest, to point out stereotypes…. while making us question our own. If you don’t get that, no one will be able to help you find the humor in this. Which sucks for you honestly, because this is hilarous.

  • lololololollolo