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Powerful Ad Campaign Shows That Facebook Likes Don’t Help

“Liking isn’t helping” is the headline of a heart-wrenching ad campaign by Publicis Singapore created for Crisis Relief Singapore, a Christian disaster relief organization run by volunteers. Shocking real press images representing three catastrophes: flood, war and earthquake are composed together with thumbs-ups mimicking the Facebook “Like” button.

The idea is simple but daring – virtual things don’t count in real life and even a billion “Likes” on Facebook won’t help those facing crisis in their everyday lives. It might win you an iPod if you’re lucky but it won’t stop poverty, homelessness, economical and cultural collapse that are caused by wars and natural disasters. Therefore, the campaign calls for action with its tagline “Be a volunteer. Change a life”.

Proclaimed as one of the most powerful and moving campaigns of the year, “Liking isn’t helping” has won a Gold Lion in Press category at Cannes Festival.

Advertising Agency: Publicis, Singapore | Chief Creative Officer: Erik Vervroegen | Executive Creative Director: Ajay Thrivikraman | Creative Director: Kris NgCopywriter: Dunstan Lee | Art Directors: Tan Zi Wei, Chua Xiu Lu | Photographer: Sebastian Siah | Producer: Lynn Cheng | Account Manager: Khoo Kai QiOther | Credits: Wishing Well

via: adsoftheworld




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What do you think?

  • Milou Rootswoods via Facebook

    Are your likes ironic ?

  • Barbara Gepert via Facebook

    well…sad truth for those not using their brains… I think smart people know how it works…

  • Shikamirikuta Shi via Facebook

    No shit.

  • Ricardo Baptista da Costa via Facebook

    Spreding awareness might help a little but yeah…No Shit…we know how it works…

  • Pam Best via Facebook

    Ditto to Ricardo

  • Lien Vanden Bossche via Facebook

    I dislike this campaign. I dislike it, not because it is the truth, but because of the way these pictures were made… What about those children who are obviously scared, in shock, traumatized. They are -without their knowledge- put in the centre as “an object of pitty”. I prefer the UNICEF Sweden campaign. It says the same thing, but no suffering children were used to make a point everybody already knows.

  • Joanie Latin-Saenz via Facebook

    You mean…I DIDN’T cure cancer by “liking” the picture? gasp!!!

  • Brian Martin via Facebook

    no shit

  • Jansen Waddell via Facebook

    Just because the NAME of the campaign is “Liking isn’t Helping” doesn’t mean that is the message of the campaign: it isn’t trying to tell us that liking isn’t helping, of course we knew that. It’s telling us to offer our time and effort in an extremely impressive way, that’s all.

  • Adam DePaolo via Facebook

    Agree with Jansen. On our page we sometimes ask people to share a homeless pet in hopes of getting them adopted. More people will “like” the post than actually share it. People mean well but their sentiment alone didn’t help anything.

  • Peggy Westmoreland via Facebook

    Hmmm… 191 “likes” and only 10 shares. 181 people didn’t understand the meaning of this post.

  • Marcelo Paredes Breilh via Facebook

    ironic: giving “like” on an “anti-like” campaign

  • Mkhitar Gosh via Facebook

    ‘Liking’ is doing similar job as ‘sharing’ – it makes the post more popular and noticeable for your friends. So no: liking this post isn’t ironic.

  • Marcelo Kuroi via Facebook

    Sometimes, yes XD

  • Ale Golinevych via Facebook

    i won’t like it but i like

  • Ludvik Herrera via Facebook

    Basically all your likes don’t matter!

  • Dr.Qazi Tayyab via Facebook

    Basically just cause uve pressed like and think that u did ur part and got some guy a few dollars is a great disaster in itself …imagine if this is how we start paying dues

  • Lora Banks via Facebook

    My favourite is the promise that God will grant you a miracle if you “share” a picture in the next 10 seconds. Otherwise…poof.

  • M. Kiki Somantri

    Right… Liking isn’t helping… it’s more like… you like when other people suffering.

  • Philippe Dap via Facebook

    Liking this is also weird …

  • Olympia Harris via Facebook

    wth: do u guys think dat button created for such things? suggest. I still like da like button. Blame those who don’t volunteer? c’mon now blame da existence of da like button?