“Liking isn’t helping” is the headline of a heart-wrenching ad campaign by Publicis Singapore created for Crisis Relief Singapore, a Christian disaster relief organization run by volunteers. Shocking real press images representing three catastrophes: flood, war and earthquake are composed together with thumbs-ups mimicking the Facebook “Like” button in these powerful ads.

The idea behind this advertising campaign is simple, but daring – virtual things don’t count in real life, and even a billion “Likes” on Facebook won’t help those facing crises in their everyday lives. It might win you an iPod if you’re lucky, but it won’t stop poverty, homelessness, economical and other social problems that are caused by wars and natural disasters. Therefore, the campaign calls for action with its tagline, “Be a volunteer. Change a life”.

Proclaimed as one of the most powerful and moving social issue campaigns of the year, “Liking isn’t helping” has won a Gold Lion in Press category at Cannes Festival.

Advertising Agency: Publicis, Singapore | Chief Creative Officer: Erik Vervroegen | Executive Creative Director: Ajay Thrivikraman | Creative Director: Kris NgCopywriter: Dunstan Lee | Art Directors: Tan Zi Wei, Chua Xiu Lu | Photographer: Sebastian Siah | Producer: Lynn Cheng | Account Manager: Khoo Kai QiOther | Credits: Wishing Well

via: adsoftheworld