We all know what fruit and vegetables look like when they're sitting on the shelf in the supermarket, but have you ever wondered what they look like before they're ready to harvest? Then check out this list, compiled by Bored Panda, to see some of your favorite foods in a totally new light.

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From bananas and sesame seeds to cashew nuts and kiwi fruits, these pictures of natural produce prior to being harvested are sure to make you think differently about the fruits and vegetables that you eat every day.

Which one is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below and don't forget to vote for the best!

#1 Sesame Seeds

Sesame Seeds

Anna Frodesiak Report

Emre 5 months ago

wow I seeing this one for the first time

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#2 Peanut


tessgarcia , nebedaay Report

-- 5 months ago

I grew them when I was in primary school - oh the joy when those yellow flowers bloomed

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#3 Cranberry


Bernd Haynold , Keith Weller Report

Michel M. Prins 5 months ago

The 3rd photo looks like giagantic natural painting

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#4 Cashew


Abhishek Jacob , Thamizhpparithi Maari Report

The Cappy 5 months ago

This one is even more baffling than cinnamon. "Well, John appears to have died after eating one. But there's just GOT to be a way to prepare those green squash testicles so we could all enjoy them."

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#6 Cacao


tgerus , Luisovalles Report

Bunnies are better!! 5 months ago

Proof that chocolate is a vegetable and therefore beneficial to my health

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#7 Pineapple


vulgarfractions , prince470701 Report

Lemur 5 months ago

I've got two at home. They look exactly look like this.

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#8 Brussel Sprouts

Brussel Sprouts

pompeyshoes Report

Juana 5 months ago

Had no idea it grew like this. Very cool.

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#9 Vanilla


Giancarlo Sibilio , B.navez Report

-- 5 months ago

What's with the Braille-like dots at the bottom of the pods? Anyone care to explain?

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#10 Almond


Namacun , Tom Raftery Report

-- 5 months ago

ahhh such pretty flowers

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