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Man Takes Stunning Hi-Res Photographs of the Sun in His Backyard

A greeting card-maker by day, Alan Friedman pursues his true passion – astronomy – once the night falls. It may be hard to believe, but the Sun photos you’re about to see were taken right from his backyard. Buffalo-based astronomy lover uses a small (3 ½” aperture) telescope with a Hydrogen Alpha filter and an industrial webcam to capture the surface of the Sun, which looks surprisingly calm and fluffy in the final version.

As due to the movements in the atmosphere it is impossible to get sharp images of the objects, Alan has to stream many frames in a short period. He later reviews the video to find the moments of “good seeing” and selects the frames of the best quality. Thus, each final photo is made out of thousands of frames! Moreover, the primary material is all black and white, so Alan has to apply colors and adjust tonality himself. Even though he does want them to look artistic, Alan doesn’t abuse it: “Aesthetic decisions are made with respect for accuracy as well as for the power of the image,” he says.

His observatory “located in a downtown Buffalo backyard amidst streetlights and the turbulent winds of the jet stream, is far from ideally located.” On the other hand, it’s close to home and astronomy equipment is heavy, so Alan tried to make the most of it.

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  • Bryce Peltz via Facebook


  • Sorush Chavoshy via Facebook

    Very very hot pictures :-)

  • Craig Fisher via Facebook

    Ummmm…the most amazing part of this feat is him taking pictures of the Sun at night…after sunset. :)
    “A greeting card-maker by day, Alan Friedman pursues his true passion once the night falls – he sets up his special gear and starts making some fascinating pictures of the Sun right from his backyard.”

  • Eric Piché via Facebook

    I don’t get how one waits for nightfall to film the sun!

  • Sunjo Désign via Facebook


  • Bored Panda via Facebook

    That’s why you shouldn’t write when you’re ill. Sorry ^^

  • Craig Fisher via Facebook

    Understandable. It just gave me a chuckle. Get feeling better and keep up the good work! Your site is one of the best things on The Internet. :)

  • Betsy Busch via Facebook

    Well night just sounds better than mid to late afternoon…

  • Maam Han

    Astonishing…….amazing Sun

  • Жамал Каиргельдина via Facebook


  • E

    It’s really cool how in the 5th photo, it looks like there is a tree and a rock or some sort of mountain on the Sun…

  • R

    What an incredibly beautiful universe we live in

  • MM

    He takes photos of the sun at night?

    • Guess

      No, the article meant that his passion his astronomy, once the night falls. But you can’t take picture of the Sun at night because if you see it, it ain’t night lol.

  • yoyo

    He does that in his backyard? All I do there is drink beer and barbecue.. hmm

  • Teresa Louise Wright via Facebook

    Looks like an ova with sperm attached!!!

  • Agustina Ferrer

    it’s so floffy!

  • Veve

    Oh. My. Gosh. How. Does. He. Do. That. I need to show this to my dad.

  • Anonymous

    …the sun, apparently it’s our solar system’s largest ball of fur. xD Seriously amazing pictures though (no idea how on Earth one would get pictures this…detailed, but I’m glad he took the time and effort), I always did wonder what the surface of the sun might look like.