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Genetic Portraits by Ulric Collette

Canada-based photographer and graphic designer Ulric Collette came up with probably the coolest family photo shoot idea ever.

While doing “an image a day” type of project Urlic tried to age his son in Photoshop an accidentally ended up creating his first genetic portrait (the first picture on our list). It was made by splicing together photographs of himself and his son.

Urlic calls his on-going series ‘Genetic Portraits’ and sees a lot of potential and other ideas related to genetics. Interestingly enough, the new combined faces of relatives look quite normal or at least are not far from it.

However, the best part is that you can try it yourself! In case your face doesn’t match with your family members, you might also consider experimenting with your neighbors.


Son/Father: Nathan, 7 & Ulric, 29

Father / Son: Laval, 56 & Vincent, 29

Cousin / Cousin: Justine, 29, & Ulrich, 29

Twins: Laurence & Christina, 20 years

Brothers, Christopher, 30 & Ulrich, 29

Sister / Brother: Karine, 20 & Dany, 25

Brothers: Matthew, 25 & Ulrich, 29

 Daughter / Mother: Marie-Pier, 18 & N’sira, 49

Sisters: Anne-Sophie, 19 & Pascale, 16

Sisters: Catherine, 23 & Veronica, 29

Daughter / Mother: Veronica, 29 years & Francine, 56

Mother / daughter: Francine, 56 & Catherine, 23

Mother / Daughter: Julie, 61 & Isabelle, 32

Sisters, Gabrielle, 28 & Leah 25

Father / Son: Denis, 53 and William, 28

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  • Nana Salzer via Facebook


  • Tomáš Paulík via Facebook

    King of Photoshop. :-))

  • Christian Sleiman via Facebook

    lol :P

  • Patricia Warzemann via Facebook


  • Flo Le Payer via Facebook

    dislike….why these manga-style large eyes????

  • Jürgen Reckfort via Facebook

    Definitely scary.

  • Tamar Elmensdorp-Lijzenga via Facebook

    This is soooooooooo cool!

  • Rosalie Wurm via Facebook

    @Flo because it’s a lil boy on the left site, so he had to assimilate it

  • Gail Fisher via Facebook

    fascinating with a definite creep factor.

  • Alec Zander via Facebook

    Fucking great!

  • Emma Henson


  • Maltreting via Facebook

    Experiment with your neighbours? And what if ignorance IS bliss? ;-)

  • Flo Le Payer via Facebook

    @Rosalie…dont think so..;), its just to much!….

  • Milli Perez via Facebook

    Aww, I wish there were more of these, they’re so interesting to look at

  • Tom

    Some damn good photoshop skills!

  • Dawnmila

    This is totally awesome..My son liked this idea so much he did a genetic photo of himself and his brother

  • Dawnmila

    This is totally awesome..My son liked this idea so much he did a genetic photo of himself and his brother

  • Thgpassion

    why were the women all naked and not the men

    • Vfyhhui

      Durrrrrrrr… Why do you think? And bring beer.

      • SgtStutta

        messed up

    • Sgtstutta

      this is wrong if ur gonna get people naked at least not only the women i know i wouldnt let my gf see this guy

  • Joey3105

    Clever stuff, though they do look like they’ve all had a stroke!

  • Patricia Klaster via Facebook

    Amazing. Try this at home?

  • btezra

    interesting but it’s photoshop more than photography

  • Susan Sackinger

    That last pair… the dad may want to revisit his paternity!

  • wait for it

    Look at the 1. pic: Son/Father: Nathan, 7 & Ulric, 29 and at the 7. pic: Brothers: Matthew, 25  & Ulric, 29 – The half-face of his brother looks more familiar to his son’s half-face then his own…hmmm…  o_O

    • Scarlettzena

       siblings share 75% of their genetic makeup whereas parent to child only share 50%, which would explain why the brothers look more alike….useless fact, i know.

    • Amy Huddleston

      I was thinking the same thing. I have seen that so often in families: a child looking or acting exactly like its uncle or aunt. I think we somehow carry some of the genes that our siblings got.

  • Carol Shor Harrison

    So eerie, but entirely natural looking.  On many of  these, you might not look twice at them on the street.  Only a tiny lack of symmetry stopped one or two from being perfect.  The twins and siblings close in age were pretty much normal looking.

  • Wendy Williams

    Cuanta Razón!!!! xD

  • Haneen HF


  • deerby

    Cool and a little freaky. The eyes look like marbles :/

  • Notsosuperscottishmummy

    Lost for words all I can say is This is awesome… as! I want it done to me and my gang!