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Moustached Puppy Grows Into The Classiest Dog Ever

It’s already hard to resist cute baby animals as they are, but if you add a dandy moustache on a puppy, that just takes it to a whole new level! People have been raving about this baby canine, born with a stripe of black fur on his white face, and recently the owner posted some photos of the the dog looks like now.

This has got to be hands-down one of the classiest dogs ever!

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  • psychdr

    His ears look terrible, poor guy.

    • Kati

      Yeah…not very “classy”…poor guy!

  • Stuart Duffy

    This is an offensive article

    I am an ardent fan of your blog… it stands leaps and bounds beyond the drivel that invades my “screen space”, but I was more and a little disconcerted to see you had shown an image of a dog that had been mutilated

    Please say this was a mistake, and that Bored Panda in no way supports the wanton mutilation of animals (not a rhetorical question!)?

    • Picola

      Yes, I completely agree with you, this is wrong. But the point of the article was obviously NOT anything to do with the dogs ears, merely just another news article on something interesting. Just becuase the owner has posted this, doesnt allow people to assume that they obviously agree with it.

    • Bored Panda

      Stuart Duffy, this is absolutely wrong, and I feel really bad about this. However, he is still very cute and classy, isn’t he? I couldn’t resist sharing pictures of him. Hopefully, all the negative comments will show others that this was a bad idea.

  • Tracey South

    I wonder how come first photo the nose is totally pink than next ones , partially black? I don’t have newborn puppy experience so is it because all newbies have pink noses ? or was photo edited?

    • Fi

      It is normal for a puppy’s nose to start off pink, and for it to develop pigment as it grows.

  • humaneanimallover

    Would have been so much more cuter if his poor little ears weren’t mutilated for the sake of “human” fashion.!! Glad this horrific mutilation of a beautiful creature is banned in my country.

  • msp

    what happend to his ears????? ugh I hope they were not cropped I hate that people think it is ok to mutilate an animal just to please some arbitrary ideal of what they want the dog to look like … for shame

  • Amber Lara

    I love the puppy with mustache! Soo adorable!

  • anonymousone

    I like it, except for the ears that remind me of a Set Animal.

  • CAE198

    I am curious if his ears are truly cropped or flipped back. They look like they may just be floppy. Also, that would not even be a “good” crop job.
    My dogs ears look the exactly like that when they flip back. They get a kink in the top where the hard cartilage is and it makes them appear cropped from the front…. from the side he just looks ridiculous…

  • Fracio Medrano

    Sad, a beautiful animal mutilated.. and that is the worst ear crop I have seen in years, but just leave it alone and don’t brutalize the poor dog more.