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Creepy Island of the Dolls (19 Pics)

Do you know what is the safest way to travel? It’s online traveling – when you sit comfortably on a coach browsing the pictures.

So, let’s take a little virtual tour to the heart of the Xochimilco’s canals, Mexico. There we will find a strange little island called “Isla de Las Munecas” where most of the trees are decorated with old creepy dolls.  According to legend, three young girls were playing in the island when one drowned. Now when you walk here – you may get a feeling that you’re being constantly watched.

Back in the 1950′s a guy named Julian Santana Barrera chose the island to live, despite he had wife and children. Strangely enough, he started collecting dolls – Julian fished dolls out of the canal, collected them from trash. Some people even say that locals began bringing old dolls in trade for fresh vegetables he had grown. Julian Santana Barrera believed that dolls made drowned girl’s spirit happy, and it protected him from the evil.

Accidentally or not, Julian Santana Barrera was found dead in the very same canal the girl drowned in. Locals say that he often heard voices in the water calling him.

Nowadays, Island of the Dolls or “La Isla de la Munecas”, by the Spanish, is one of the world’s weirdest tourist attractions. Each doll is believed to be fueled with the energy of the dead girl. Some tourists claim the dolls whisper and move, so visitors usually bring candies and candles to appease the spirit.

A picture is worth a thousand words, so without further ado let’s jump to the photos.


Bamboos for: Tarzan!!!


Bamboos for: Tarzan!!!


Bamboos for: Tarzan!!!


Bamboos for: Tarzan!!!


Bamboos for: Esparta


Bamboos for: Tarzan!!!


Bamboos for: Tarzan!!!


Bamboos for: Tarzan!!!


Bamboos for: Tarzan!!!


Bamboos for: SkilliShots


Bamboos for: Troels Myrup


Bamboos for: Troels Myrup


Bamboos for: Esparta


Bamboos for: Eneas


Bamboos for: Esparta


Bamboos for: Tarzan!!!


Bamboos for: Tarzan!!!


Bamboos for: SkilliShots


Bamboos for: Troels Myrup

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  • Rosita Delgato

    It’s really artificial if you actually visited there. The locals just purposefully dirtied and disassembled the dolls and hung them in suicidal poses outdoors. They artificially created that laughable atmosphere to attract tourists. It’s really cheesy.

  • axh

    Destination Truth with Josh Gates did a great paranormal investigation on this island. Hulu or SyFy might still have it online. There was some interesting action.

  • karin

    creepy!!!1 but awesome!

  • goo min lee

    it looks like a place of torment for old dolls, oh how sad. :(

  • maintenance software

     beautiful places.
    I  think so :)

  • ..

    I literally cried seeing this… 0.0

Author:   Date posted: Jun 11th, 2010
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