Despite the advent of e-books, many of us still value the tactile experience of flipping through a paper book. These creative bookshelves, then, are the perfect places to store our collections of little literary treasures.

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There's nothing wrong with a heavy, old-school bookcase, but most of these bookshelves cater to modern sensibilities, using creative and diverse designs to become interior décor statements in their own right. If you know of any cool bookshelves or book cases that belong on this list, please add them!

#1 Tree Bookshelf

Tree Bookshelf


KennyAma 1 year ago


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#3 Creative Shelf

Creative Shelf


TeleriNyfain 1 year ago

This is an ANCIENT design for books - for scrolls actually :D I'd love one in my house!

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#4 Bookshelf Staircase

Bookshelf Staircase

Levitate Architects Report

JulieMorris 1 year ago

People standing on my beloved book? I don't think so!

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#6 Piano Bookshelf

Piano Bookshelf


ZivileGalvydyte 1 year ago

Would love to have one, this is just beautiful !

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#7 Doctor Who Bookcase

Doctor Who Bookcase Report

CindyWoods 1 year ago

someone send me info on where to get one please, or the blueprints either will work.

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#10 Invisible Bookshelf

Invisible Bookshelf

Amazon Report

ShubhamRaut 1 year ago

I don't understand. Won't the hard cover of the bottom most book dangle down?

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#11 Cat Friendly Bookcase

Cat Friendly Bookcase

Corentin Dombrecht Report

DivaSansanwal 1 year ago

shelf might be friendly, I don't think the cats will, though...

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#13 Dome Bookshelf

Dome Bookshelf

Anagrama Report

CatherineTrain 1 year ago

Amazing! I wouldn't have thought of doing that!!!!!

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#14 Lamp Bookshelf

Lamp Bookshelf Report

Snarkygal 1 year ago

Clever, but very bulky.

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#15 Framed Bookshelf

Framed Bookshelf

Mark Taylor Report

RinNth 1 year ago

Did it try to prove its innocence?

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#16 Tree Bookshelf

Tree Bookshelf


MarcelPrevaritura 1 year ago

You mean "Ent Bookshelf"

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#17 Bookworm Bookcase

Bookworm Bookcase

Atelier 010 Report

TriciaLemoine 1 year ago

Again, seriously needs a cushion.

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#18 Balance Bookshelf

Balance Bookshelf Report

slywlf 1 year ago

Interesting way to showcase a small selection of special books

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#19 Honeycomb Bookcase

Honeycomb Bookcase Report

SusannaVesna 1 year ago

Looks cat-friendly :P

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#20 Batman Shelf

Batman Shelf

Fahmi Sani Report

DonGuild 1 year ago

Good in a little boys room

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