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Amazing Body Art Illusions by Craig Tracy

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Born and raised in New Orleans La, USA, Craig Tracy has always been an artist. A graduate with honors from The Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale, Craig was a professional Freelance Illustrator by the age of twenty.

“I actually hated being an Illustrator. I was so disappointed by just how mind-numbingly boring and lonely it all was. The isolation created a cabin fever vibe and the fact that I was painting mostly commercial and industrial images seemed empty to me.”

Six years later he retired from Illustration altogether to venture back into painting murals, t-shirt designs and just about anything and everything possible.

“It really clicked, from the very first time that I painted a face, it was strangely powerful. I later realized that I had quiet literally fallen in love with Bodypainting. I personally didn’t take Bodypainting seriously for five or six years. The day that I finally asked myself ‘why’, why I liked painting on people so much, that led me to… Well… What if I take this passionate interest seriously? That one question and a quick Google search changed the course of my life.”



South China Tiger









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  • Paolo Maria Carnevali

    Wonderful ..extraordinary

  • zi


  • Igor Ovsyannykov

    These are awesome!

  • Mimi Nguyen

    U can’t see the tree one o_O

  • Anonymous

    In his own words:

    “I’m a true lover of the real and tactile so NO is the answer 99.9% of
    the time. In the rarest cases and generally in a way that has no impact
    on my painted image I will use a bit of digital magic. I only use the
    most necessary or basic digital techniques to achieve black blacks,
    white whites and proper color saturation. I do everything that I can to
    keep all of my images authentic and honest to the moment that they were
    painted, posed and then captured. My behind the scenes images and video
    clips help illustrate the reality of my process.”

    “My work is not virtual, digital or otherwise unreal. “

  • Dan Furmansky

    Very impressed.

  • Dan Furmansky

    Very Impressed.

  • Dwayne Litchfield


  • Dwayne Litchfield


  • Waseem Alam


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    this is nice one i like it.

  • latest gadgets reviews

    this is nice one i like it.

  • starlight


  • jOEeLiOt

    its awesome.. very cool ..

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